Man Arrested After Toddler Picks Up Handgun And Pointed It At A Family MemberPolice say the man left the gun on a couch when he went into another room. The child picked it up. and pointed it at a family member at a home in central California.
Central California Police Dog Dies In Overheated Patrol CarAuthorities say a police canine in Central California died in an overheated patrol car when a malfunction caused the air conditioner to shut off.
Toddler Killed When Car Plows Into Ice Cream TruckAuthorities say a driver has been arrested on suspicion of striking a group of children and pinning them against an ice cream truck in Central California, killing a 3-year-old girl and injuring two youngsters.
Women Respond To Ice Bucket Challenge By Raising Money For California Town With Dry Wells After being nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, employees at Angeion Consulting decided that instead of dumping water on their heads, they’d donate to help a town running dangerously low on water.
Porterville Mayor Out After LGBT Pride Month DeclarationCouncil members who voted for the change of positions contend it had nothing to do with their dislike for the proclamation. They said they support rotating council officers.