Removing Redskins From Calaveras High School Will Prove Costly, ControversialThe Calaveras Miwuk Indians wrote “Our county, our citizens both native and non native are very proud of our logo. It was heartbreaking to hear the chief head will be removed.”
California Bans Use Of 'Redskins' Name For Public School MascotsCalifornia public schools will be barred from using the Redskins name for sports teams and mascots under legislation Gov. Jerry Brown signed.
Bill Banning School Use Of 'Redskins' Mascot Passes CommitteeCalifornia is a step closing to making public school mascots racially friendly.
Bill Banning Redskins Name Would Cost School $60,000; Unclear If State Will Pick Up Tab“We’ve seen a lot of unfunded mandates coming from the state before, and this could be another one of those, and frankly with our financial situation we can’t pull this off,” Calaveras High Superintendent Mark Campbell said.
NFL 2015 Schedule To Be Released On Tuesday, April 21, At 5 p.m. PT
Keidel: Hail On The RedskinsUncle Sam dipped his beak in the NFL waters this week, making a statement about football's most controversial franchise
Washington NFL Team, Calaveras High Likely To Keep Redskins Name Despite PTO RullingBlacks, Latinos and Asians have all at one time had to overcome racial slurs that were deemed acceptable by the masses. For Native Americans, a declining population means fewer people to speak out. They’ve had to turn to commercials to get their point across.
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