Lack Of Water Taking California Farmers Into Uncharted TerritoryFor months farmers have only been able to guess how the drought would affect them, but this year's planting season brings bad news. Not only are the crops hit hard, other businesses are feeling the pain.
Drought Could Cripple Northern California Rice Production, JobsThe northern valley grows 97 percent of the state’s rice crop. Cutting farmers’ water in half, meaning fewer seeds are planted.
Chef Claims State Law Requiring Gloves For Food Handlers Will Negatively Affect His WorkKen Uechi has been making sushi for 8 years and considers himself an artist. But he says a new law is adding an unwanted layer to his work.
Keith Brooks & Carmichael Dave - September 3, 2013
Manziel Suspended For First Half Of Season Opener Against Rice
Calif. Groups Seek Ban On Rice PesticideCalifornia environmentalists say a proposal by state pesticide regulators to allow spraying of a controversial pesticide on rice fields in the Sacramento Valley could harm aquatic organisms and honeybees.
Calif. Marks 100 Years Of Commercial Rice GrowingCalifornia is celebrating 100 years of commercial rice production this year, marking the anniversary of a commodity that has evolved to become one of the state's most important agricultural exports.
Poll: Rubio Tied For Third In Potential VP PicThe latest polling from CNN could dramatically alter the vice-presidential search currently being conducted by the Mitt Romney campaign;