Chabot's booking photo. (Credit: Roseville Police Department)

Roseville Police Officer Accused Of Threatening Wife, Brandishing Gun

A Roseville police officer was arrested while off-duty on suspicion of making criminal threats against his wife.



Drivers Rattled After Two Cars Shot In Downtown Roseville

Roseville Police say his car was hit by either a BB or pellet gun, and he’s not the only one. Minutes before, a report of another incident came from just down the road.


sonic close

Sonic Drive-Ins Owned By Alizadeh Family Closed In Roseville, Woodland, Yuba City

The restaurants are owned by Abe Alizadeh, a notorious local restaurant owner with a bad financial record. More than 70 Jack In The Box restaurants he owned closed after he declared bankruptcy and owed millions of dollars in unpaid taxes.


roseville home council

Neighbors Asking Questions About Dozens Of Police Visits To Roseville City Council Candidate’s Home

It’s the blue house on the block that makes neighbors see red. The house on Donner Avenue in Roseville is unassuming enough. But neighbors like one we spoke to that didn’t want to be identified say looks are deceiving.


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KB’s Football Food Cave: Sammy’s Island Bar & Grill

It’s Keith Brooks and it is time for another episode of KB’s Football Food Cave! We have a very special episode today. In honor of the Sammy Hagar’s Birthday on the October 13th, the KHTK […]

KHTK Sports 1140–10/09/2014


Stretch Of Roseville Road Too Dangerous For Drivers?

A CBS13 viewer has a problem with a well-traveled stretch of roadway. In fact, she says turning into her neighborhood is one of the scariest things she’s ever done.


Arson arrest

Investigators Probing Whether Alleged Roseville Arsonist Is Behind Four Other Fires In Area

The news the suspect in that case had been arrested on Thursday couldn’t come fast enough for mom Nicholle Brackenbury, whose home butts up against the field.


dog park water waste

Puddles At The Dog Park: Owners Say Roseville Parks Department Overwatering Grass

It’s not the name of some cute pooch, it’s what one CBS13 viewer says is a case of serious water waste in Roseville.


desperate to find daughter

More Than A Year Later, Roseville Mom Losing Hope Her Daughter Will Be Found

A Roseville woman should be celebrating her daughter’s birthday this weekend, but instead she’ll be wondering if she’s even alive.


cost craig cares

New California Law Exempts State In-Home Care Workers, But Not Private Ones

Around 400,000 state in-home supportive services caregivers were left out, only giving paid sick leave to private in-home healthcare companies like Craig Cares in Roseville.


Credit: CBS13

Roseville Firebug Setting Fires In Field

Four fires were intentionally set in the Roseville area in the last two months, all tied to the same firebug, say investigators.


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Video: KB’s Football Food Cave: Dave & Buster’s

Football is here! Did you hear me? FOOTBALL IS HERE! YEAH BABY! This is Keith Brooks and I am so happy the NFL is back and it’s time for another addition of KB’s Football Food Cave. […]

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