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Roseville Considering Fines For False Alarms From Security Systems

Officers responded to nearly 3,000 home and business alarms last year, but only a handful were actual crimes



Roseville Hosting National Softball Tournament As Temperatures Soar Past 100 Degrees

The crack of the bat and the cheer of the crowd were mixed with groans about the heat beating down on the diamond Tuesday for the ASA Nationals Tournament.


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Man’s Body Found Near Bike Trail In Roseville

A body found Tuesday morning near a bike trail in Roseville is under investigation.


roseville barricaded suspect

Domestic Violence Suspect Surrenders After Barricading Himself In Roseville Apartment

Police say they are trying to contact a suspect who has barricaded himself inside of a Roseville apartment complex.


BERLIN - JANUARY 12:  Water flows from a bathroom tap January 12, 2007 in Berlin, Germany.  (Photo Illustration by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Water Rates Rise As California Cities Lose Money In Drought

Millions of Californians expecting relief on their water bills for taking conservation measures instead are finding higher rates and drought surcharges.


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Roseville Police Warn Of Fake National Guard Solicitors

Police in Roseville are warning residents about illegal door-to-door solicitors after one was arrested recently.



Men Found On Fire, Shot In Placer County Die

Detectives say the two men found on fire and shot in the head have died.


men shot

Men Shot In Head, Set On Fire Found Alive In Roseville

Across from a halfway house and in front of a day care, neighbors woke up to a horrific scene: two men shot and being burned alive. Neighbors say they don’t understand why the attacker chose their neighborhood.


Credit: Roseville PD

Suspects Caught On Tape Trying To Use Stolen Bank Card At ATM

Roseville police are searching for two suspects who were caught on camera trying to use a stolen bank card.


studio equipment stolen

Crooks Target Roseville Dance Studio, Steal Equipment Before Show

The studio has been around for more than two decades, and this is the second time it’s been hit by thieves. For 24 years, the Roseville studio has shined with thousands of performing stars.


fire billboard

Roseville Galleria Billboard Is Latest Volley In Battle Over Firefighter Contracts

“Is the safety of our community worth 50 cents an hour?” said firefighters union president Jamie Pepin. “We’ve had positive response. We’ve shared it on our Facebook page and we’ve had lots of people respond with words of encouragement.”


helicopter crash drill

Helicopter Crash Drill At Sutter Roseville Trains Crews For Worst-Case Scenario

A medical chopper struggling to land slams into the helipad of the hospital, bursting into flames. Severely injured patients and helicopter crew members litter the ground in this simulation. The training is four stories above a hospital’s parking structure.