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police culture

Former Sacramento Police Chief Speaking Out Against Self-Deployment Surges

He’s debriefing officers across the country, starting in Sacramento, on his investigation into the police response to ex-LAPD officer-turned-cop-killer Christopher Dorner.



One Year Later, Roseville Officials Sharing Lessons Learned From Unsolved Maidu Fire

They chose not to do much, letting nature take its course. Most burned-out trees were left in place to protect the still living things that call the park home.


wise watering

How To Give Your Lawn A Good Drink During The Drought

In a drought, brown is the new green.


sammy's reopening

Sammy’s Rockin’ Island Bar & Grill Reopening In Roseville Months After Owner Found Dead

It was the crown jewel in the effort to revitalize downtown Roseville. After it closed, people were worried the effort would end with it. But now with its doors opening again on Vernon Street, there’s hope, says Chris Robles with the Roseville Community Development Corporation.


File (Credit: CBS13)

Roseville’s Sammy’s Rockin’ Island Bar & Grill Reopening

Officials are announcing that Sammy’s Rockin’ Island Bar & Grill is scheduled to reopen.


help dancing man

Roseville Raising Money To Find Dancing Man A Home

The father of 7, as he told a newspaper a few years ago, moved to Roseville to be next to his only son in Antelope. Almost every day of the week, you could find Clifford on street corners dancing to the music coming out of his headphones.



Roseville Medic Who Served With Bergdahl Says ‘Deserter’ Needs To Be Punished

Josh Cornelison says Bergdahl was a quiet guy who kept to himself, and all of a sudden vanished in the middle of the night while serving in Afghanistan. He would eventually be captured by the Taliban.


More money fewer officers Roseville

Roseville Allocating $1 Million More For Police, But 12 Fewer Positions

Over the last year, there have been concerns about the Roseville Police Department having limited resources and fewer officers on the streets due to tough financial times.



Driver Suspected In Fatal Hit-And-Run Crash Arrested

Authorities have arrested the driver suspected in a hit-and-run crash that took the life a young motorcyclist from Fair Oaks.


Isidoro's booking photo. (Credit: Placer County Sheriff's Office)

Pair Arrested For Large Fight At Placer County Fairgrounds

Deputies say that the two men arrested for an attack at a large party at the Placer County Fairgrounds were uninvited guests.


Roseville water fee

After Conserving, Roseville Residents Water Rates Will Rise 15 Percent To Cover Decreased Usage

Residents say they’ve already cut back on their water use because of the drought, but now the city is saying even with those cuts, they’re going to have to raise their rates.


breastfeeding mom

Roseville Mom Says Dentist Office Told Her To ‘Cover Up’ More While Breastfeeding

The mother of three was at the Eureka Dental Group office with her oldest son, Dominic, and 7-month-old Eli. As she began to feed the baby in a back room, Nicole Caraccillo says an assistant told her to stop.