Sacramento County Animal Shelter

Charlotte Marcum-Rush

Mother Of Slain Animal Control Officer Meets Face To Face With Accused Killer

The mother of the Sacramento County animal control officer murdered last week met face to face with the accused killer Tuesday, and she said he showed no remorse.


sacramento county animal shelter

Taxpayers Paying Former Sacramento County Employee To Stay Home

Sacramento County taxpayers are paying a county employee a six-figure salary to stay at home.


dog pound

Animal Advocates Fight Plan To Shorten Euthanasia Time

He’s the first dog of California, but now Sutter Brown, the cute Corgi, is the symbol of a campaign to keep the governor from allowing animal shelters to euthanize animals after three days instead of the current mandated minimum six days.


A bill requiring dogs to be licensed is on Gov. Brown's desk. (credit: CBS)

Dog Licensing Law On Governor Brown’s Desk

A new bill sitting on the governor’s desk would fine dog owners for not licensing a pet.