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Sacramento State

UC Davis head football coach Bob Biggs (credit: CBS13)

Biggs Prepares For Final Causeway Classic As Head Coach At UC Davis

In his last press conference ahead of his last game and his last Causeway Classic as UC Davis’ head football coach, Bob Biggs was brought to tears.


ski swap

Snow Lovers Gear Up For Winter At Sacramento State Ski Swap

With the snow, thousands are gearing up for the slopes at the Sacramento State Ski Swap.


Atheism and the Case Against Christ

CSUS Philosophy Professor Receiving Threats Over His Book

A Sacramento State philosophy professor says he’s been stalked, threatened and warned.



Sac State Professor Inventing New Lenses That Could Eliminate Bifocals

Getting old is no fun, and having to wear glasses to read can sometimes be a hassle. Imagine eliminating the need for bifocals and trifocals.


Singapore (source: Wikitravel)

Sac State Looks To Asia For Expansion, New Revenue Stream

Sacramento State is heading to Asia. The university is opening an international Master’s of Business Administration program next fall in Singapore.


Planet Venus, pictured as a black dot (a

Venus Viewing Parties Celebrate Rare Celestial Sighting

It was a celestial sight to see from Houston to Hawaii, and right here in Northern California. Thousands viewed the planet Venus on Tuesday as it passed between the sun and Earth.


Victor Vazquez

Student Arrested After Sac State Faculty Member Punched

A 21-year-old student was arrested near the Sacramento State campus on Wednesday after he allegedly punched a female faculty member in the chest.


jerry brown

Gov. Brown Plans State Worker Pay Cuts

Some state workers believe Gov. Jerry Brown’s latest budget proposal is going to stick it to them again.


Locking Cap

Sac State Student Invents Pill Bottle Locking Cap

Wearing a tie to class is your first clue Joseph Simpson is no typical Sacramento State student. He walks through campus and knows he’s actually sprinting toward a promising business career.



UPDATE: Two Rescued From Pump House Near Sac State

A man and a woman who broke into a pump house near the Sacramento State campus were rescued by fire personnel on Tuesday night and the man was arrested.


Sacramento State University

Science Majors Stymied By Cuts At Sac State

Undergraduates studying for science degrees at Sacramento State are becoming increasingly frustrated with cuts that make it nearly impossible to graduate on schedule.


Cat Xia, a senior at Sacramento State, has created a Facebook page in support of assistant arts professor Evri Kwong. (credit: CBS13)

Sac State Student Pushes To Keep Professor On Campus

An assistant arts teacher at Sacramento State is expected to be let go next spring, but one of his students is pushing to prevent that.