bike police

Police, Zoo Animals, Children Find Ways To Stay Cool In Intense Heat

Stockton bike police say besides drinking water and popping into air-conditioned stores, there’s not much they can do to stay cool outdoors. Working through the heat is just part of the job.


man rescued from river

River Rescue Call Is Fifth In Less Than Two Weeks At American And Sacramento River Confluence

A male swimmer is being searched for after trying to swim across the river, in the fifth call for rescue in the area in less than two weeks.


Fried chicken (Credit: Thinkstock)

Best Fried Chicken In Sacramento

Mom’s homemade fried chicken always tastes the best, but in case your mom isn’t available, here are a list of the most righteous places to get your bird fried and presented to you.


Kevin Johnson

Sacramento Kings Owner, Mayor Take Stand In Trial Over Arena Deal Legality

The lawsuit filed by three Sacramento taxpayers alleges that the city gave up more than the quarter of a billion dollars in land and cash disclosed publicly. They believe Mayor Kevin Johnson also illegally sweetened the deal for Ranadive by offering electronic billboard and city parking revenue.



Dangerous Sacramento Heat Forces Many To Seek Cooling Any Way They Can

It wasn’t easy for people in a fireworks booth to psych themselves up to be in a non-air conditioned fireworks booth for 13 hours on a triple-digit day.


File (Credit: CBS13)

High-Speed Stolen Vehicle Pursuit Ends In Sacramento; Suspect Attempts To Assault K-9

Police say the suspect did not stop and instead led them on a two-minute pursuit into Downtown Sacramento with speeds reaching 65 mph. The suspect tried to run, but police released a K-9 that caught up to him. Police say the suspect then tried to punch the dog when the dog bit him.



Broadband Outage Leaves Sacramento, Rocklin Customers With No Or Slow Internet

Phone and Internet service was disrupted across the region. Wave initially described the outage as a coordinated attack, but the FBI refuted that in a statement on Tuesday afternoon.


Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Best Craft Beer Shops In Sacramento

A vast array of craft brews are available from these Sacramento small businesses, so when you want to enjoy a beer at home you need not be limited to cans of Bud or 40’s of Colt 45 from the neighborhood grocery store.


security guard

Sacramento Police Determining Whether Security Guard Was Justified In Shooting

Former Sacramento County Sheriff John McGinness says security guards to not share the same protections as police when using a weapon with deadly force. They can only fire in self-defense.


(Credit: KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images)

Veteran Sacramento County Deputy’s Misplaced Gun Found By 10-Year-Old Boy

The child found the gun on the ground of an airsoft facility on Sunday and was in the process of handing it to a referee when it went off.


dry field

Homeowners Blame Untended Lot For Destructive South Sacramento Fire

It’s not uncommon to see open, undeveloped land around the city. For one reason or another, the owner decides not to build. But those lots can turn into dry, open fields and fuel for a fire like the one that hit Sunday.


boy scout

Sacramento Boy Scouts Mourn Teen Killed In New Mexico Flash Flood

In the pre-dawn hours on Saturday, an unexpected flash flood swept Brock and three other scouts downstream. New Mexico state police say the Philmont Ranch staff found the other three boys who were able to escape the flood water.