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Lightning Strikes Reported Overnight In San Joaquin Valley

It may be summer, but some areas of the valley could see a little bit of rain Thursday.


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San Joaquin Valley Pistachio Orchard Could Be Hit Hard By Tree Disorder

A nursery near Modesto sold pistachio trees with a disorder that officials say could affect as many as 20,000 acres of San Joaquin Valley orchards.


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California Citrus Avoids Damaging Cold

Citrus growers in California’s San Joaquin Valley say potentially damaging cold failed to materialize overnight.



California Braces For First Widespread Frost

California is under the influence of a cold air mass that could bring the first widespread frost of the winter across the Central Valley, as southern areas see more damaging winds.


One of the creepy clowns, as posted to the Wasco Clown Facebook page.

After-Dark Clown Sightings Trouble California City

People dressed as clowns are causing a stir in the southern San Joaquin Valley.



Valley Temperatures 4-8 Degrees Hotter Than Monday, Cooling Off Tomorrow

Clouds acted like a blanket overnight, keeping some locations above 80 degrees. It’s made for a dramatic sunrise.


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UC Davis Study: Drought Will Deal $2 Billion Blow To California Agriculture

Report says California’s drought will cost the state’s agricultural economy an estimated $1.7 billion this year and leave about 14,500 farmworkers without jobs.



Asthma a Bigger Concern for Some Valley Children

Asthma hits school-aged kids at higher rates than other age groups, according to the California Department of Public Health. It is especially hard to breathe for students in the San Joaquin Valley, and administrators are asking parents to take action before it’s too late.


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9,000 Non-functioning Smart Traffic Sensors Leave California Roadways Dumber

27,000 traffic sensors that are supposed to help troubleshoot both daily commutes and long-term maintenance needs on some of the nation’s most heavily used and congested roadways.


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California Water Regulators Adopt Groundwater Cleanup Plan For Farmers

The order, adopted by the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board on Thursday, affects about 10,700 growers in the Tulare Lake basin – including parts of Fresno, Tulare, Kings and Kern counties – who farm on about 3 million acres of irrigated farmland.


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4 New Species Of Legless Lizards Found In Calif.

Scientists in California have discovered four new and separate species of legless lizards — snakelike animals that burrow into sand or soil.


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Calif. Farmers Sue Over Water Releases For Salmon

Farmers in California’s San Joaquin Valley are suing the federal government over the planned release of water from a Northern California reservoir to prevent a salmon kill in the lower Klamath River.