Solano County

Credit: CBS13

Collinsville Picks Through The Pieces After Fire Devastates Half Of Town

A small boy surveys the burnt remains of his home. His toys, games and pets gone – and no bed left to sleep in.


Aftermath of the fire south of Birds Landing. (Credit: CBS13)

Grass Fire Leaves Some Collinsville Residents With Nothing

Little is left in a small town about an hour southwest of Sacramento after a wind-driven grass fire ate up home after home.


Aftermath of the fire south of Birds Landing. (Credit: CBS13)

Several Homes Destroyed In Solano County Town Of Collinsville

Between four and eight homes have been destroyed in the Solano County town of Collinsville.


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Officials: 15-Acre Solano County Hay Fire Near Vacaville Sparked By Lawnmower

A four-alarm vegetation fire is burning in a hay field in a rural area north of Vacaville.


engagement ring

Woman Finds Engagement Ring Among Rubble In Aftermath Of Cordelia Fire

She was just four months away from marrying her fiancé when the fire destroyed their home.



Comcast, Verizon Outages Leave Solano County Residents, Without Internet, TV, Cell Service

At the peak of the problem, it wasn’t just Comcast, but also a Verizon outage. Cable TV, home Internet and phones, as well as cellphones were affected from Vacaville to Fairfield.


The teen being hoisted up into by the helicopter. (Credit: CBS13)

Only On CBS13: Stranded Teen Plucked From Island

Stranded, scared and saved. Only CBS13 was there when a helicopter hoisted a teen trapped on an island surrounded by fast-moving water.


Credit: CBS13

Deputies Injured During Reported Inmate Escape Attempt At Solano County Courthouse

Three Solano County Sheriff’s Department deputies were taken to the hospital Monday to be treated for injuries after an incident at the Solano County courthouse in Fairfield.


Deputy injured

Solano County Deputy Injured In Violent Crash During High-Speed Pursuit

A deputy was injured in a violent pursuit in Fairfield on Wednesday during the a pursuit of a stolen vehicle.


occupy message

Offensive Words Occupying Hill In Clear View Of I-80 In Solano County

It’s a message staring drivers in the face, and offending many of them. Carved into a hill in Solano County near Vacaville, it tells drivers to occupy a certain three-letter word.


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Bodies Of Two Men Found On Houseboat Near Suisun City

The bodies of two men were found dead on houseboat by authorities Monday in Solano County.