Opinion: Obama And Solyndra Reunite At High Dollar FundraiserOne would think that Obama and his White House would want to keep the name Solyndra as far from the headlines as possible. Yet, President Obama is rubbing elbows with key players in the Solyndra stimulus disaster at a high-priced fundraiser where donors paid $35,800-per-person.
Romney Slams Obama In Front Of Shuttered Solyndra Solar PlantMitt Romney is assailing President Barack Obama's green energy record, standing outside the shuttered offices of a solar energy company that went bankrupt after receiving government loans.
Potential Buyers Show Little Interest In SolyndraA California solar panel manufacturer that received a half-billion dollar loan from the federal government has been unable to attract much interest from potential buyers to take over its operations.
White House Orders Review Of Solyndra Loan GuaranteesThe White House is ordering a review of loan guarantees made by the Energy Department after a California solar company that got a half-billion-dollar federal loan went bankrupt.
State Treasurer Defends Energy Firm Tax BreaksThe state treasurer on Wednesday called California's tax break program for clean energy companies a "wise and needed one" despite the failure of its most high-profile recipient -- the solar startup Solyndra.
On The Money: Solyndra ScandalCalifornia taxpayers may be on the hook twice – for helping out a solar firm that fired its workers and then abruptly shut its doors.
Solyndra Executives Plead The 5th At HearingTop executives from a bankrupt California solar energy company declined to testify before a congressional hearing investigating their half-billion dollar government loan.
Solyndra Execs To Plead 5th At House HearingTwo top executives at a bankrupt California solar energy company say they will invoke their Fifth Amendment rights and refuse to answer questions when they appear at a House hearing on Friday.
Fremont Solar Company Goes Bankrupt; 1,100 Workers Laid OffA leading Bay Area manufacturer of solar power systems has abruptly shut down operations and laid off its staff while it sought to file for bankruptcy protection.