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suspect arraigned

Lone Survivor Of Stockton Bank Robbery Shootout Could Face Death Penalty

His overwhelmed courtroom demeanor stands in stark contrast to his violent actions on Wednesday—murder, kidnapping, armed robbery and using a mother and wife he allegedly took hostage from the bank as a human shield.

8 hours ago

cellphone shooting video

Raw: Driver Records Cellphone Video Of Stockton Shootout

16 hours ago

stockton suspect

Detectives: Man Killed In Bank Heist Was Suspect In Jan. Robbery At Same Bank

Detectives say they are “confident” that one of the men killed in Wednesday’s bank robbery, hostage situation and deadly shootout carried out a robbery at the same Bank of the West branch earlier in the year.


Scene of the incident Sunday night. (Credit: CBS13)

Police: Man, 55, Fatally Stabbed Teen During Argument

Police say they are investigating a fatal stabbing that has taken the life of a teenager Sunday evening.


remembering misty

Stockton Remembers Woman Killed In Bank Heist

People from all over the area met at the Waterfront Hotel in Stockton – a city the mayor says is in mourning and pain.


Surveillance footage of the car used to drop off the suspects. (Credit: Stockton P.D.)

Police Seek Driver In Deadly Stockton Bank Heist

While police in the Northern California city of Stockton searched Saturday for an accomplice in a bank robbery that led to a police chase and deadly shootout, investigators said they suspect the same men carried out other area bank heists, including one at the same branch hit this week.


hostage crisis

Good Guys Hostage Says Trauma Of Stockton Bank Robbery Will Stay With Women

Lisa Joseph survived the horrific ordeal in 1991, but is still haunted by it. She says there’s no set of guidelines for hostages on how to heal and deal with the trauma. She knows like her, the women in Wednesday’s robbery will be forever changed.


suspects car found

Fourth Bank Robbery Suspect’s Vehicle Found Shortly After Stockton Police Release Video

The robbery at the Stockton Bank of the West led to a nearly hour-long pursuit and shootout where suspects are believed to have used a hostage as a human shield.


police policies followed

Stockton Bank Robbery Hostage’s Family Wants Answers From Police On Protocol

The gunshots that hit the getaway SUV left it riddled with bulletholes after at least 20 Stockton officers fired shots during the chase and shootout. When the shootout was over, police discovered one of the suspects had used hostage Misty Holt-Singh as a shield from the bullets to keep him alive.

The family of a bank robbery hostage killed during a shootout is asking for answers from police about the decisions they made leading up to her death.


remembering wife and mom

Stockton Bank Robbery Hostage’s Family Wants Police Records, Witness Video Of Chase

Holt-Singh, 41, was taken hostage in a Bank of West branch by AK-47 wielding robbers while her 12-year-old daughter waited outside in the car. Holt-Singh was shot while in the back of the suspects’ stolen SUV during the ensuing gun battle after they stopped fleeing and turned to face police with their assault rifles.


Surveillance footage of the car used to drop off the suspects. (Credit: Stockton P.D.)

Police Searching For Fourth Suspect In Stockton Bank Robbery

A fourth suspect connected to the robbery of a Stockton Bank and the chase and deadly shootout that followed is still on the loose, according to authorities.


remembering wife and mom

Woman Killed In Stockton Bank Robbery Remembered As Loving, Caring Wife And Mother

She made a stop at a Stockton Bank of the West on Wednesday, leaving her 12-year-old daughter in the car. Moments later, the madness unfolded. Her own daughter watched as her Misty was taken hostage and driven away.