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Stu Lantz

The Grant Napear Show

The Grant Napear Show – April 2, 2014

Grant opened the show discussing the use of challenges in Major League Baseball. Callers talked about the Giants’ loss to the Diamondbacks, Tiger Woods’s back injury, and the Kings’ matchup with the Lakers. Stu Lantz, […]

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The Grant Napear Show – March 2, 2012

Today on the Grant Napear Show, it was all about the Kings, the Saints’ defense using a bounty system and the newly formatted MLB postseason. Grant took calls on the Kings’ game against the Lakers, […]

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Stu Lantz Talks About The Lakers Rivalry With The Kings

The Lakers’ television color commentator Stu Lantz talked about the Lakers and their rivalries with the Kings and Clippers. He talked about the Kings matchups with the Lakers, and how Chauncey Billups going out hurt […]

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The Grant Napear Show – December 26, 2011

Big day in the NBA with 12 games tonight, and it is the season opener for a lot of teams from around the league. Most importantly it is the season opener for The Sacramento Kings. […]

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Audio: The Grant Napear Show – May 3, 2011

Tuesday brought a lot to the table for the Grant Napear Show, with a full schedule of interviews, including a full breakdown of the Lakers/Mavs series. Before getting to business, Grant talked about his tremendous […]

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Audio: Lakers Broadcaster Stu Lantz Tells Grant Where The Lakers Stand In The Playoffs

Is there panic in Lakerland after the Game 1 loss at home to Dallas? Stu Lantz of Laker TV weighs in on where the team stands going forward and says all the mileage might be […]

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Audio: Lakers Announcer Stu Lantz Talks Basketball With Grant Napear

Lakers’ Announcer, Stu Lantz, joins the Grant Napear Show live from Staple Center to give a update on the Lakers as of late, Ron Artest’s defense, Kobe’s continuing high level of play and the King’s […]

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Stu Lantz Talks To Grant Napear Live From Los Angeles

Stu Lantz talks with Grant live from the Staples Center before the Kings vs. Lakers game, about LA’s four game losing streak, Andrew Bynum’s injury rehab, and the improved players on the Laker roster.

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