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Stanislaus County Teachers Face Double-Digit Salary Cuts In Order To Pay District Debt

Denair Unified School District in Stanislaus County is deep in debt, and now the district is proposing big cuts to teachers’ salaries as a way out.


Jerry Brown Addresses Conference In San Francisco

New Law Gives Transgender Students Choice Between Sex-Segregated Programs, Facilities

California has become the first state to enshrine certain rights for transgender K-12 students in state law, requiring public schools to allow those students access to whichever restroom and locker room they want.


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Governor Speeds Up Cal Grant Cuts For Students

Starting this fall, college students will be getting less financial aid from California.



Gas Prices Put A Pinch On College Students’ Budgets

Across the country, record high gas prices have put a dent in the pocketbooks of nearly everyone.


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California Bill Allows College Aid For Illegal Students

The state Assembly has approved a bill that would allow college students who are illegal immigrants to apply for private scholarships.


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Cal State U. Sees Record Number Of Applications

New data shows that the 23-campus California State University system received a record number of undergraduate applications for the coming fall term.


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California Community Colleges Cutting Enrollment

The 112-campus California Community Colleges system may be forced to enroll 400,000 fewer students and cut thousands of classes because of the state budget impasse and funding shortages.



Calif. Lawmakers Focus On Anti-Bullying Efforts

California lawmakers responding to concerns that schoolyard bullying has led to increased suicides and truancy passed a resolution Friday calling attention to the problem.



UOP Tracks Down Students Studying Abroad In Japan

First thing Friday morning, UOP administrators started tracking down students studying in Japan, and so far, the school is still searching for two students.



UC Recruiting Out-Of-State Students To Help Budget

The financially strapped University of California is actively recruiting more out-of-state and international students to bolster budgets.

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