Call Kurtis: I Moved - Do I Have to Pay Their Termination Fee?
Call Kurtis: Saving Money On Service CallsMany companies now charge service fees to send a technician to repair your phone, Internet or TV service, but a Rocklin grandmother thought her $149 charge from AT&T was ridiculous.
Roseville's SureWest Communications Sold For $340.9 MillionRoseville’s Surewest Communications has been sold to Consolidated Communications for $340.9 million, according to the company.
Call Kurtis: Put My Name On My Bill!She's "70-something" -- though the feisty senior won't tell you just exactly how old she is -- and she has pictures that go back just as far. So if you've shared a laugh with her in that time, there's a good chance your picture is on a wall somewhere in her house.