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2015 Toyota Camry (Photo credit: Toyota Motor Corporation)

Toyota Camry Gets A Top-To-Bottom Makeover

The redesigned 2015 Camry, unveiled Tuesday at the New York Auto Show, is longer and wider, with a more aggressive design.


Photo credit: MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images

First Toyota Sudden-Acceleration Case Set To Begin

Noriko Uno was afraid of driving fast, often avoiding the freeway and taking the same route every day from her Upland home to and from her family’s sushi restaurant. She had put only 10,000 miles on her 2006 Camry in about four years.


(Credit: Main H1 Unlimited Photo)

Big Wake Weekend Promises Family Fun, Thrill Of High-Speed Races

As the hot summer temperatures begin to settle in this weekend, cool down on the shores of Folsom Lake and enjoy the excitement of hydroplanes racing across the waters at speeds of 200 mph.


The family of Mussarat Chaudhary has filed a lawsuit against Toyota over her 2009 death (Chaudhary family photo)

Sacramento River Crash Victim’s Family Sues Toyota

Even in a different language, you could hear the fear in the voice of Mussarat Chaudhary as the 59-year-old drowned when her 2009 Toyota Camry sank into the Sacramento River. Her family says they know […]


toyota prius

Toyota Recalls 2.77 Million Vehicles Over Steering, Water Pump Woes

Toyota Motor Corp. says it’s recalling 2.77 million vehicles around the world for a steering shaft defect that may result in faulty steering and a water pump problem.


"If you're in it, you're ready to go. There's no second guessing."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Ravin At Raley Field

“I love baseball! I’m a big Giants fan.” – Ravin and her Toyota Corolla


“Four-wheel drive is inevitably the only way to really get around.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Eric At The California State Fair

“I take it off road. I drive in the snow. I drive in the desert.” – Eric and his Toyota Tundra


"I rock out in my car, absolutely."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Kevin At Scenic Drive

“It’s maybe not my dream car, but it’s pretty close.” – Kevin Gilfillan and his Toyota 4-Runner


credit: Toyota

New Electric RAV4 To Start Near $50,000

Toyota’s electric RAV4 will save you gas. But it’ll cost you. Toyota Motor Corp. said Monday the electric version of its RAV4 SUV will cost $49,800 when it goes on sale this summer.


"The kind of work I do varies."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Rene At The Old Army Depot

“I don’t let people bother me on the roads, so I enjoy driving.” – Rene and his Toyota Tacoma


“We live and breathe Toyota.”


“We love Toyota, Honey.” – Diana and her Toyota Camry


“I listen to old school while driving.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Dennis At California Family Fitness

“Once you see the newer ones, you’ll want the newer ones.” – Dennis and Toyota Prius