Supreme Court Takes Up Challenge By Crisis Pregnancy CentersThe Supreme Court is hearing arguments in a free speech fight over California's attempt to regulate anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers.
Federal Judge Not Ready To Rule On Blocking New Travel BanA federal judge in Seattle who issued the order temporarily halting nationwide implementation of President Donald Trump's initial travel ban said Friday that because of procedural reasons he won't immediately rule on whether his restraining order applies to the new travel ban.
Senate Bid May Keep Kamala Harris From Accepting U.S. Supreme Court NominationA popular figure on the California political scene since the 1990s, Harris is on many short lists to become the next Supreme Court justice.
Read Full U.S. Supreme Court Opinion Regarding Cellphone Searches
California May Remove 'Man And Woman' State Law A bill that would strike the traditional definition of marriage from California law is advancing through the Legislature after the U.S. and state supreme courts allowed same-sex unions to resume.
Affirmative Action Push Driving Divide Between California's DemocratsNearly 20 years after California became the first state to ban the use of race and ethnicity in college admissions, a proposal to reinstate affirmative action has sparked a backlash that is forging a new divide in the state's powerful Democratic Party and creating opportunity for conservatives.
Court To Consider California's DNA Collection LawA federal appeals court appeared ready last year to strike down as an unconstitutional invasion of privacy a controversial California law requiring police to collect DNA samples from every person arrested in the state.
State AG Urges Court To Deny San Diego Clerk's Petition To Halt Gay MarriagesCalifornia Attorney General Kamala Harris is urging the state Supreme Court to reject the San Diego County clerk's attempt to stop gay marriages in the state.
No Supreme Court Decision Monday On Proposition 8, Defense Of Marriage ActWe won't find out today if same-sex marriages will be allowed again in California.
US Supreme Court Rules States Can Limit Freedom Of Information Act To Its ResidentsThe Supreme Court ruled Monday that it's legal for a state to limit use of its Freedom of Information Act to its own residents.
Decision To Hear Gay Marriage Postpones Same-Sex Marriage For California CouplesSame-sex marriage remains banned in California as the United Sates Supreme Court decided to rule on Prop 8, blocking same-sex marriage for now.
Supreme Court To Hear Cases On California Same-Sex MarriagesThe Supreme Court plunged into the contentious issue of gay marriage Friday when it agreed to take up California's ban on same-sex unions and a separate dispute about federal benefits for legally married gay couples.