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Health Official: States Should Post Local Vaccination Info

How many kids are vaccinated at your child’s school? Federal health officials think you should be able to easily find out.


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Mandatory Vaccine Opponents Plan Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op Boycott Over Senator’s Invitation

The new location for Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op hasn’t been built yet, but it’s in the middle of a continuing fight over mandatory childhood vaccines in California.


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Parents Threaten To Leave California Over State’s Childhood Vaccination Law

Despite studies showing vaccines are safe and the debunking of a study linking autism to vaccinations, Brott says many parents like her are planning on taking their kids out of school or even out of state while others work to repeal it.


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SB277: Next Stop For California Vaccine Bill Is Full Assembly Vote

There was no shortage of opposition or support for SB277, one of the most controversial bills in recent history. The bill would eliminate the personal belief exemption and require California children to be vaccinated to attend school.



California Assembly Committee Passes Controversial Vaccine Bill Amid Emotional Debate

The Assembly Health Committee voted 12-6 in favor of the bill, which came in response to a measles outbreak at Disneyland in December that infected more than 100 people in the U.S. and Mexico.


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Experts: Vaccine Bill Would Increase Immunization Rates

Immunologists and researchers say California’s proposal to impose one of the strictest vaccination laws in the nation likely would boost immunization rates by changing parents’ behavior.


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California Vaccine Bill Fast-Tracked, Could Go Before Full Senate This Week

Democratic Sens. Richard Pan and Ben Allen said Monday that they have amended their bill to remove a requirement for schools to notify parents of immunization rates. Doing so allows SB277 to bypass the Senate Appropriations Committee.



California Vaccine Bill Passes Third Legislative Hurdle, Moves To Appropriations Committee

The Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday voted 5-1 for the legislation after more than three hours of testimony. Hundreds of people rallied at the Capitol in opposition.


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California Bill That Would Remove Childhood Vaccine Exemptions Advances

Senate Bill 277 passed on a 7-2 vote in the same committee where it stalled in last week. Amendments were made to solidify the rules apply to children in traditional schools.



Committee Approves Mandatory Vaccine Bill 7-2

A California Senate committee has approved a bill that would require California schoolchildren to be vaccinated.


Opponents of SB277 lining up outside the hearing room at the Capitol. (Credit: CBS13)

After Delay, Senate Committee Passes Mandatory Vaccine Bill

A contentious bill that would require California schoolchildren to be vaccinated faces a critical vote Wednesday after lawmakers’ concerns prompted a one-week delay.


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Death Threats Prompt Increased Security For California Vaccination Bill Author

State Sen. Richard Pan told CBS13 he didn’t ask for extra security, but Capitol Police believe it was the best way to react to the situation.