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CalVet Pulls Funding For Student Veterans Attending Corinthian Colleges

CalVet withdrew approval at all California campuses mid-quarter. This is the latest hit to for-profit colleges, and it’s left some military veterans scrambling.



Veterans Help Each Other In Sacramento State College Course

It may look like any other class at Sacramento State, but there’s a bond that these students of all ages share far beyond the classroom.



Marysville Museum Honors Veterans With 50,000 Piece Collection, Takes Visitors Through History

The Museum of Forgotten Warriors in Marysville is hoping to share the history of local veterans, and it’s more than just stories of war.


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Sacramento Dental Group Offers Veterans Free Care

As Veterans Day approaches, some were helping honor those servicemen and woman by providing much needed dental care.



Starbucks To Hire 10K Vets, Military Spouses

Starbucks says it plans to hire at least 10,000 veterans and military spouses over the next five years.


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Thieves Steal $5,000 Of Donations Meant For Veterans

Thousands of dollars worth of donations meant to help military veterans are gone after thieves hit the Stand Down Warehouse at McClellan Business Park.


Citrus Heights Veterans center

Veterans Center’s Future Uncertain After Thieves Steal $5,000 Worth Of Equipment

While the $5,000 of equipment that was stolen was a big loss, the bigger loss was the master contact list of donors, which can never be replaced.


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Veteran Happy Partner Will Have Security With Supreme Court’s DOMA Ruling

The Supreme Court decision will not only allow the extension of benefits to same-sex couples with active-duty members, but also to veterans like Redhouse.


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Interviews With Veterans: What Memorial Day Means From A Hero’s Perspective

How do you celebrate Memorial Day, and what does this federal holiday mean to you and your family? Read what some of our country’s veterans had to say about Memorial Day, patriotism and what this annual holiday means to them.


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Memorial Day Weekend In Sacramento

Fast cars, strawberry jam and sustainable farming are part of the Sacramento festivities honoring America’s military heroes.


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WWII Vet Who Provided Flag On Iwo Jima Has Died

A World War II veteran who provided the flag in the famous flag-raising on Iwo Jima has died. Alan Wood was 90.


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Audit Reveals State Under-Collecting For Vanity Plates

The state charges extra for special license plates, but is the money ending up where it should? The problem came to light after an Associated Press investigation showed a state audit has unearthed a slew of problems with the plates.