vintage clothing

(credit: Bella Q)

Ring in the New with Vintage: Three Fun Looks for New Year’s Eve

No matter how you choose to celebrate 2012 this New Year’s Eve, consider incorporating vintage into your outfit.


Photo Credit: Marylon Rose

Everything Is New Again at the Sacramento Antique Faire

As their website proclaims, time spent at the Sacramento Antique Faire is “part adventure, part history lesson and part treasure hunt.” The best advice is to make sure you arrive early, bring single dollar bills and something to transport your newfound riches home in.


Photo Credit: Bella Q

New Bows and Arrows Aim for Local Culture

When Olivia Coelho and Trisha Rhomberg joined forces to open their Bows and Arrows shop in late 2007, they probably had no idea of the impact they’d have on the hipsters of Sacramento.