Hilmar Dairy Farm Experimenting With Worms Cleaning Wastewater

Fanelli’s Dairy is known for its Jersey cows. But two months ago, it received a new creature on the farm. One whose population averages 10,000 per square meter.


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Officials Say Missteps, Confusion Led To Wastewater Being Dumped Into State Aquifers

There are fears over contaminated drinking water. New state records show that California regulators have authorized gas and oil companies to inject wastewater into thousands of protected aquifers.


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San Diego Advances Plan To Recycle Wastewater Into Drinking Water During California Drought

The plan calls for initial production of 15 million gallons a day by 2023 and 83 million gallons a day by 2035, or about one-third of the city’s water supply.


Water plant

Linda County Water District Fined More Than $100K For Wastewater Violations

The people who run a local water treatment plant are accused of polluting the water. Now the Linda County Water District is facing fines of more than $100,000.


Yuba City

Yuba City Collecting Over $200,000 From Businesses For Billing Error

Yuba City businesses owners could soon be getting an unexpected bill in the mail. The city council voted to force businesses to pay for a billing error that undercharged for wastewater.


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Court Hears Case On Treated Wastewater For Arizona Ski Resort

A federal appeals court is considering arguments that challenge the planned use of treated wastewater to make snow at an Arizona ski resort.