Yuba City


Yuba City Teacher Accused Of Supplying Students With Drugs, Inappropriate Relationship

Jesus Zuniga Moreno, 44, allegedly furnished former students with marijuana at his home in 2014 and was involved in an inappropriate relationship with at least one student.



Controversial WHO Report Links Roundup’s Active Ingredient To Cancer

WHO’s international agency for research on cancer released a new report saying glyphosate is “probably carcinogenic.” The study is a review of existing research and concludes there is “limited evidence” the main chemical in Roundup can cause non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and lung cancer.


Cats Beign Fed

Yuba City Struggles With Feral Cat Population; Considering Feeding Ban

It’s a cat conundrum in Yuba City and neighbors say compassion may be to blame. City council members will vote on an ordinance Tuesday that would prohibit feeding feral cats.


yuba city fire

Yuba City, Firefighters At Odds Over How Many Are Needed To Respond To Calls

After 16 sessions at the negotiation table neither side could agree. At issue, the number of firefighters and a balanced city budget.


two cars stolen

Yuba City Police Officer’s, Wife’s Vehicles Stolen From Driveway

The cars were parked in front of the house, but when the Cole family woke up on Tuesday morning to get ready for the day, they stepped out and noticed they were both gone.



Generosity Undoes Thieves’ Damage As Donations Roll Into Yuba City Salvation Army

CBS13 brought you the story of how someone broke into the Yuba-Sutter facility and took 200 toys. Volunteers had no way of letting parents know the presents were gone until they showed up on Friday.


Donation Bags

Yuba-Sutter Salvation Army Burglarized, Gifts For Needy Families Stolen

Thieves have stolen Christmas for dozens of needy families in the Yuba-Sutter area.


Credit: CBS13

Parents Taking Precautions After E.coli Found At School Well In Yuba City

Administrators at a Yuba City elementary school are warning parents after the school’s water was found to contain E.coli bacteria.


motivational speaker

Yuba City Porn Producer Turned Motivational Speaker Accused Of Sex With Teenager

Donny Pauling was arrested on Monday by the Sutter County Sheriff’s Department. accused of allegedly having sex with a teenage girl.


beating suspects

Suspects In Brutal Beating Of Disabled Yuba City Man Released Minutes Before Court Appearance

Yuba City Police called him an innocent victim of gang violence and arrests were made. But minutes before Manny Bath’s family would have face the suspects in court, they were stunned to learn no charges would be filed and the men were released from jail and sent home.


brutal attack

Brutal Beating Of Disabled Yuba City Man Likely Was Gang Violence

Manny Bath was found unconscious on a sidewalk following a brutal beating. His family is now searching for answers and is convinced the attack was planned with others yet to answer for their actions.


Credit: CBS13

Yuba City Officer, Woman Shot Overnight

A Yuba City police officer and a woman were shot overnight.