Best Coffee Shops That Go Beyond Coffee In Sacramento

August 21, 2013 5:00 AM

Before mega-corporations put drive-thru windows on their omni-present chain establishments, coffee shops were places where people would go to spend hours at a time, sipping, relaxing, chatting and eating. Since then, most coffee shops serve packaged sandwiches and uniform beverage options. Throughout Sacramento, however, there are still coffee shops that encourage lounging and offer exquisite drinks and dishes.

812 21st St.
Sacramento CA, 95811
(916) 443-6340

The Weatherstone, one of Old Soul’s four locations, is the product of a tradition. Creators Tim Jordan (coffee roaster) and Jason Griest (bread maker) combined their skills and ideals to offer excellence at this and all of their locations. The salads at Weatherstone rival the deliciousness of the pastries, and obviously the coffee is without parallel.

(credit: GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images)

(credit: GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images)

Cyber Java
4321 Madison Ave.
Sacramento CA, 95842
(916) 339-2883

Cyber Java offers free Wi-Fi to all of its customers, and though that has become expected in most establishments, Cyber Java did it first. Hearkening back to old days when a coffee shop served non-coffee alternatives (besides tea and water), Cyber Java also serves Italian soda and pleasers like the Godzilla, an espresso chocolate shake. Its selection of food is impressive as well, making it something of a diner. Get almost anything, like a burrito, gyro, sandwich or cheesesteak. Cyber Java is about variety. Owned by a friendly man named Gus, all the reviews for service and satisfaction are five out of five stars.

coffee garden
Coffee Garden
2904 Franklin Blvd.
Sacramento CA, 95818
(916) 457-5507

When inside the Coffee Garden, the ambiance changes from moment to moment. Sit on a chair, sofa or at a table. Lounge in the shiny entryway, outdoor garden or the hideaway study area. When choosing libations, the choices are even more varied. Enjoy a Mexican mocha or a breakfast burrito (served all day). The quiche has been called “extraordinary” and the potato chips are made fresh, in house.

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java jungle
Extreme Java Jungle Cafe
400 Vernon St.
Roseville, CA 95678
(916) 788-7494

It really is a jungle in here. Huge plants line the walls, joined by stuffed giraffes and few, if any, regular chairs. Customers sit on mismatched arm chairs around vintage coffee and end tables. Everyone is welcome to get comfortable and settle in. Once you order your food or drink at the counter, it will be brought to you. The food is just as eclectic as the decor. Get a salad, a grilled cheese sandwich or a pastry to fill you up. It’s all good and handmade to order.



Capitol Garage
1500 K St.
Sacramento CA, 95814
(916) 444-3633

Perhaps not technically a coffee shop, Capitol Garage is dedicated to being a cafe in the morning hours, offering organic coffee and espresso drinks. The food, of course, is extraordinary, as the Garage is known locally as the unofficial best brunch in town. Enjoy an omelette, donuggets (mini donuts, made fresh to order) or a Monte Christo. It would take months to try everything on the menu, but if you have time, give it a shot.

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