Best Places To Get Valentine’s Day Gifts In Sacramento

January 28, 2014 5:00 AM


valentines day1 Best Places To Get Valentines Day Gifts In Sacramento
Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift can be daunting, as the day may come with different expectations than other holidays. Since it can be seen as a reflection of your feelings for a person, it is important to consider the gift carefully. Gift cards have become the go-to present for many occasions, since they allow the receiver to pick out something they want. But they can be a bit impersonal, especially when the gift card is from a generic big business. So choose a gift or gift certificate from somewhere that is unique and special, like these five spots.

Hope Harris Photography
(916) 454-2111

Hope Harris is a talented artist, and her photographs have a lyrical, evocative quality rarely found elsewhere. Imagine your valentine’s delight at receiving a gorgeous portrait of you, or better yet, a certificate to have a portrait made of you two together. Another option is to choose from Harris’ collection of photographic art, which includes astonishing botanical pieces and unique, often whimsical portraits of animals. Harris also creates striking fine art pieces that capture the essence of music, movement and emotion. The world becomes a different and more special place when viewed through Hope Harris’ soul and camera lens.

cbs peradice girly gifts by v heimerich Best Places To Get Valentines Day Gifts In Sacramento

PeraDice girly gifts (Credit, Valerie Heimerich)

PeraDice Cards & Gifts
918 24th St.
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 930-0600

It will be difficult to walk out of PeraDice without having found just the right gift for that special someone in your life. Whether their taste runs elegant, whimsical, romantic, artsy, hip or kitschy, PeraDice has unique items that are both better and less expensive than common gifts from a mall. Artwork, home and garden décor, books, candles, scarves, taxi wallets, lotions, portfolios and jewelry for men and woman are in every nook of this eclectic shop. Gift certificates from PeraDice are also a great option if you have trouble choosing which items your sweetie will most enjoy.

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Brew Ferment Distill
3216 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95817
(916) 476-5034

You may not expect to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift at a place referred to as BFD, but this place will quickly change your mind. Geared toward those who know that homemade is always tastier than store-bought, this is where to go to learn how to make beer and wine. The store’s owner wants to introduce customers to the fun of making foodstuffs at home as well. Learn how to make your own cheese and dried, smoked meats, and get the supplies and ingredients needed to do so. Products or gift certificates are a great gift for that special do-it-yourselfer or anyone who loves to eat, drink and be merry.

Local Roots Food Tours
2408 Lindberg Way
Auburn, CA 95602
(800) 407-8918

Local Roots offers a number of guided walking tours in the capital city, including an Urban Art, Food & Libations tour and an Origins of Sacramento Walking Food & Cultural Tour. Take your valentine on a gastronomic adventure with the Gourmet on K Culinary Walking Tour, where you can get special treatment and an insider’s look while eating and drinking at fabulous local restaurants. Food, wine and farm tours are also available in areas like Murphys and the Sierra foothills.

cbs adoptable calico kitten by v heimerich Best Places To Get Valentines Day Gifts In Sacramento

Adoptable calico kitten (Credit, Valerie Heimerich)

Sacramento Animal Shelters

Show your special someone that you care by saving a life; give them a gift certificate for adopting a pet at an animal shelter or rescue group in the Sacramento area. It is best not to adopt an animal for them, as they may not like or want that particular pet. A gift certificate allows them to pick out just the right pet to make them happy. Check the Sacramento Area Animal Coalition website for links to local animal shelters and rescues, or search for adoptable Sacramento pets on Please note that a gift certificate does not guarantee someone can adopt just any animal they see; for instance, it is generally not appropriate to adopt a huge, very active dog for someone living in a small, one-bedroom apartment. Shelter staff can help your valentine find the perfect pet to match their life and personal taste.

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