Best Rappers/Hip Hop Artists In Sacramento

November 10, 2010 9:45 PM

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The Sacramento area is home to popular homegrown artists. Here are a few of the best known ones.
phenomenon2 Best Rappers/Hip Hop Artists In Sacramento

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PhenomENON on ReverbNation

It is obvious that this particular newcomer has taken to music like a big fish to a small pond. You might not know it, but that song you were shaking your hips to at many Sac bars and clubs was probably one of PhenomENON’s. A smooth voice accompanied by appropriately bold beats from HoTTraXxX, the music is well timed and honest.

Recommended Track:  Hustlin’

meek Best Rappers/Hip Hop Artists In Sacramento

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Young Meek

MySpace Page

He’s been around for a while now, his first album having dropped in 2001, but Meek is still representing SacTown. His musical influences have been said to include his brother, C-Bo,  another well-known Sac artist, as well as Brotha Lynch Hung. Hard and rhythmic, many of his tracks detail the violence of NorCal streets and can be found on iTunes.

Recommended Track: First and Foremost

doeyrock Best Rappers/Hip Hop Artists In Sacramento

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Doey Rock

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Influenced by the sounds of the east coast, Doey has described simply his music as “hungry”. Recently collaborating with the likes of E-40, his lyrics are innovative and dripping with creativity.  Supported by intelligent, hyphy, beats it’s difficult to ignore this talent from South Sac.

Recommended Track: Where You From

youngluck Best Rappers/Hip Hop Artists In Sacramento


Young Luck

True to his Sacramento/Bay Area roots and with named influences B.B King and James Brown, Young Luck (aka Lucky) has graduated to a mature digital sound. With a melancholy, sensual voice, his tracks manage to maintain upbeat tones. Young Lucky’s lyrics are sharp, poetic and elevate him above many of his peers in the hip-hop underground.

Recommended Track: Monster