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Best Rappers/Hip Hop Artists In Sacramento

November 10, 2010 9:45 PM

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(credit: Facebook)

(credit: Facebook)

The Sacramento area is home to popular homegrown artists. Here are a few of the best known ones.
phenomenon2 Best Rappers/Hip Hop Artists In Sacramento

(credit: Facebook)


PhenomENON on ReverbNation

It is obvious that this particular newcomer has taken to music like a big fish to a small pond. You might not know it, but that song you were shaking your hips to at many Sac bars and clubs was probably one of PhenomENON’s. A smooth voice accompanied by appropriately bold beats from HoTTraXxX, the music is well timed and honest.

Recommended Track:  Hustlin’

meek Best Rappers/Hip Hop Artists In Sacramento

(credit: MySpace)

Young Meek

MySpace Page

He’s been around for a while now, his first album having dropped in 2001, but Meek is still representing SacTown. His musical influences have been said to include his brother, C-Bo,  another well-known Sac artist, as well as Brotha Lynch Hung. Hard and rhythmic, many of his tracks detail the violence of NorCal streets and can be found on iTunes.

Recommended Track: First and Foremost

doeyrock Best Rappers/Hip Hop Artists In Sacramento

(credit: MySpace)

Doey Rock

MySpace page

Influenced by the sounds of the east coast, Doey has described simply his music as “hungry”. Recently collaborating with the likes of E-40, his lyrics are innovative and dripping with creativity.  Supported by intelligent, hyphy, beats it’s difficult to ignore this talent from South Sac.

Recommended Track: Where You From

youngluck Best Rappers/Hip Hop Artists In Sacramento


Young Luck

True to his Sacramento/Bay Area roots and with named influences B.B King and James Brown, Young Luck (aka Lucky) has graduated to a mature digital sound. With a melancholy, sensual voice, his tracks manage to maintain upbeat tones. Young Lucky’s lyrics are sharp, poetic and elevate him above many of his peers in the hip-hop underground.

Recommended Track: Monster

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  • Mark

    this article needs MAJOR help

    • David

      Bro…you are obviously bitter that your joke-ass music isn’t being listened to by anyone.

      It’s all good..there will be less people laughing at you.

      PhenomENON is BOMB, and if you don’t like his music then you either don’t like the genre or you are a negative D.B.

      immma go with the deuchbag

    • Justin

      Lee Bannon? you fo real? daaayyummm my two year old makes better music banging pots n pans together lol


  • Mark

    Also it’s a good thing I wasn’t expecting much , most of these dudes suck. Welcome to Sac however, Surprise.

    • rob-D

      Seriously, do you have to rain on someone’s success just because your “boy” didn’t make the cut?
      Have some appreciation for people or keep the comments to yourself
      Do you seriously have NOTHING better to do with your day than hate on fools you don’t even know?

      and COMEON man…you cant sit here and tell me you even listened to any of these people’s music when all 3 of your negative worthless ass comments were all posted within 4 minutes of each other.

      You just a wack-ass hater

  • Mark

    ” What it Do Girl”…..?????? LOOLOLOOOOLOLLOLL TRASH

    • David

      Hey yo Mark…I love Lee Bannon’s singing.

      I haven’t heard notes like that since my neighbor’s dog got hit by a car

  • Chris

    shiiit these artist must be doing something right.

  • Chris

    shiiit these artist must be doing something right. i like the phenomenon dudes style and the diversity in his songs, young meek got em fasho bars is dope, Doey Rock be killin it on the real, and young luck got them heaters too. the way i see it i guess these are top emerging artist just doing their thang, so hate if you want to but i see these niggas only getting better from here.

  • Jay Double

    Everybody on here got talent bruh doing what they do bringing up they city and im for that. better than sittin around doin nothin. they should all drop a mixtape together.

  • Randel

    that phenomenon dude is pretty good. good lyrical content. readin his bio i dont believe that he just started rappin a year ago tho. but everything else seems legit.

    • David

      I can double back that up….I know him

      he’s been rappin for a year and that it

    • Alyssa

      He did start rapping a year ago… I know from personal knowledge. He’s great!

  • SCity boy

    Doey Rock is the truth on this one. yaaaaaaaa boyyy.

  • Alyssa

    PhenomENON is the bomb!

  • Rap

    All these MC’s are trash. Learn your music sac

  • Ashley

    PhenomENON is amazingly talented and, best of all, grounded as well! Watch him Sacramento! He’s going BIG places!

  • realphenomenon

    good look!

  • Gasomatic

    All this music is for girls, get real. My 3 year old goes harder

  • LeimoanJello

    Hhhmmm, I wonder how you guys find this stuff cause I heard Soran leif in roseville the other night he blew the place up


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