By Shirin Rajaee

GRANITE BAY (CBS13) – Several local school districts are on high alert following a series of social media threats regarding creepy clowns.

Some schools have sent out letters to parents explaining that they are working with police and school resource officers to ensure the safety of students.

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According to the Roseville Joint Union High School District, on Tuesday night, two students and a school employee from Granite Bay High School played a hoax on a student by dressing up as clowns to scare him. This “sighting” was subsequently posted on Instagram and caused alarm on campus.

The district has since interviewed all participants, and determined the clown sighting at Feist Park was a hoax and these individuals do not pose any threat to the campus.

A spokesperson for the district says, “We are very surprised and disappointed that an adult staff member participated in these events. We are conducting an investigation into the behavior of the employee and appropriate action will be taken.”

As for the students involved, site administration will continue their investigation Thursday. No decision has been made regarding disciplinary consequences.

Meanwhile, the online threats are also impacting professional clowns.

“I don’t want to be scared. I want to go out my door and I want to make children smile, without being scared,” says Kelly Martinez.

Martinez has been a professional clown for 30 years and is well known to her Vacaville community. She says since the creepy clown stories have made national news, she and other professional clowns are feeling the backlash.

“I have friends who have absolutely left the business because they fear for their safety and people’s businesses are shutting down,” said Martinez.

Parents are cancelling her bookings out of fear.

“We are taking steps to ensure these threats are not credible and that there isn’t a risk to the public,” said Officer Matthew McPhail of the Sacramento Police Department.

Police say while there haven’t been any credible threats, they don’t want anyone to get hurt.

“It’s difficult to speculate about what kind of criminal charges somebody could incur. But moreover, if a member of the public was concerned about their own safety because of your behavior, they would be within their rights to defend themselves,” says McPhail.

As for Martinez and her fellow professional clowns who entertain and bring smiles for a living, they want the threats to stop.

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  1. iodiner says:

    It’s always the good clowns who suffer the most.

  2. Steve says:

    No country for old clowns.

  3. ImaHippyBurning says:

    Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right, Here I am stuck in the middle with you!

  4. Jack Davis says:

    I don’t care if it’s Bozo, Clarabell, or Pennywise. ALL CLOWNS ARE CREEPY! All dolls are creepy too. Clown dolls are downright nightmare-inducing, but I blame Spielberg for that.

  5. I dont know what creepier A “Professional Clown” or the scary ones being sighted

  6. I don’t know why, but every time I hear the term “Creepy Clown” I think of Hillary.

  7. Out2Sea says:

    When these morons (bad clowns) start getting shot and killed this nonsense will come to a screeching halt.

  8. cleo48 says:

    Not certain what is behind this behavior, but it could be a vehicle for terrorism. I don’t think we are are going to see clowns thought of as entertainment until we get some kind of law and order back in this nation.

  9. Chunky-Zee says:

    When a Professional Clown “cries Foul!” is it just an EXCUSE to brandish their RUBBER CHICKEN???

  10. HeywoodJablowme says:

    I just saw a creepy clown the other night on TV. Its name was Kaine the Klown.

  11. Richard Williams says:

    One possible solution would be more concealed carry permits. These “clowns” would likely not find that to be so funny.

  12. Justa Guynamedjoe says:

    The problem with looking for a new job is that there is only one valid alternate career choice for clowns and most of them just don’t want to be politicians.

  13. bluesdoc70 says:

    “A little laugh a little dance..a little Seltzer down your pants”….

  14. Those wacky and crazy Democrats … I mean clowns … but I repeat myself.

  15. Sam Thomas says:

    Way too funny……..if its not bathroom gender issues…..guilt sickened white girls and boys……or perfectly healthy yet wounded finger pointer black girls and boys…..Kardashians hardships…..Latino prone exorcisms…….. its scary clowns. This is better than any extend clown show at any cheesy Mexican circus. Boo!!!!!!

  16. Vern Daman says:

    Does anyone remember the “zombie” scare of 10 years ago? Some California police departments actually conducted “zombie drills” to curtail a zombie uprising and to keep them from eating everyone.

    The government, after social media exacerbated the “threat”, actually took it on as a serious matter and some people actually believe there are zombies.

    Does anyone really believe there are “killer clowns” out there? They’ve been hiding for 200 years now just waiting for right moment… which is now??? ROFLMAO

    Whoever started this hoax is most certainly having a good laugh also.

    Plus it beats on reporting real activities like HilLIARy’s lies, her fixing of the DOJ / FBI into her personal judicial system and her health issues, let alone her “fixes” for America, which is to continue 100% of Obama’s policies. No change at all.

  17. DoctorForrester says:

    “Clowns are raining down.
    Hear the screams of the greasepaint!
    DANGER! Clown Puddles.”

    Haiku by Tom Servo

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