By Angela Musallam

RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) — Violent crime is down in Rancho Cordova, and police credit proactive policing for the big change.

Violent crime has dropped by 31.5 percent since 2011. This year, the crime rate dipped by 29 percent.

“I’ve noticed heightened patrol in the area, during business hours when I’m out here,” said Stacey Blanke.

She’s worked in Rancho Cordova for the past 13 years. Lately, she’s noticed a cleaner city.

“Definitely has made me feel a lot safer,” Blanke said.

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“We are trying to be more proactive with our city and businesses,” said Rancho Cordova Police Sgt. Mike Robertson.

Since 2011, Rancho Cordova Police says it’s seen a big dip in violent crimes like homicides and shootings.

“We have several programs such as the crime suppression unit, our POP team,” added Robertson.

Those proactive policing techniques are paying off big time.

Robertson is in charge of the crime suppression unit which formed in 2015.

“We focus on what’s trending at the time so that can take us anywhere within the city.”

The unit’s job is going out and speaking to the community about what it’s seeing and looking at social media to crack down on even more crime.

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Robertson says the unit targets sophisticated criminals who could be involved in crime rings.

“Calls for service have gone down,” said Robertson.

One local says he doesn’t believe the hype.

“You got people robbin’ people, waiting to rob people getting out their cars to get money,” said Carl Baber.

He says crime is alive and well in Rancho Cordova. He’s urging police to come to the other side of town and clean up the crime where he lives.

“It truly is bad right now.”

The department is getting ready to roll out a neighborhood policing program, where patrol officers will dedicate their time to community policing in the neighborhoods they’re assigned to.


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