DIXON (CBS13) – Some residents are planning to protest the Dixon’s vice mayor during a council meeting Tuesday night.

Ted Hickman recently wrote an editorial using homophobic slurs and calling for “straight pride month.”

UPDATE: Protesters Call For Dixon Vice Mayor To Step Down Over Remarks


In the article, published in late June in an independent local newspaper and on his personal website, Hickman referred to gay men as faries (sic).

An online petition to remove Hickman from office has gained traction and now has more than 20,000 signatures.

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In a statement, Dixon’s Mayor Thom Bogue said he was concerned by the column saying, “Vice Mayor Hickman should have realized as a public servant he represents all segments of people regardless if they are LGBTQ, straight or otherwise.”

Independent Voice Publisher Dave Scholl said his and his columnist’s constitutional rights are under attack.

“Having a free press is absolutely required for a free society. I will not tolerate attempts to silence a newspaper,” Scholl said.

Scholl said the newspaper has lost some advertisers since the publication of Hickman’s column, but has also gained some.

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Dixon’s Chief of Police Robert Thompson released a statement late Tuesday morning, asking for people who plan to attend the city council meeting tonight to adhere to decorum.

“I’m asking attendees to use their voice to express the depth of their passion and conviction, and pay others the same courtesy,” Thompson wrote. “Being respectful of the process, investing in it, keeps the focus where it belongs; on the speech, not the speaker. Don’t hijack the message by making the focus on the messenger.”

Thompson notes there will be more officers than usual at the meeting, but no city councilmember specifically asked for the extra protection.

Hickman has declined to give a comment to CBS13 about the situation.

He’s up for re-election in November.

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  1. amp1776 says:

    Only filthy, bigoted sickos get special privileges that force others to celebrate their behavior.

  2. Lar Jam says:

    Well why not? If were to treat everyone as equals then give the straight people a month to celebrate. Give White people a month too like the African Americans.

  3. I am straight and most proud of it. I don’t need a parade to show I am no pixie.

  4. Straight White Pride Month Damn Straight

  5. I think everyone knows in the current moral universe straight white people are the identified bad guys, the source of all evil in the universe. You can only have a ‘celebration’ if you are a ‘victim’ of straight white people. Thus, straight white people having their own ‘celebration’ violates the laws of the current moral universe. White people’s place is to just shut up and be guilty.

  6. Phags phantastically phart too.

  7. Julie Britt says:

    Someone made the mistake of believing it was OK to be white or straight…

    It isn’t. Eventually, those simply wishing to care for themselves and mind their own business, who are not leashed to the government teat via some grievance, will have to be put to the sword.

    It’s the only way ‘forward’ as a ‘progressive’ society of slaves to the socialist maxim.

  8. Mitch Haase says:

    People of color and the lgbtqpiialmnop crowd will only be happy when all straight white people are removed from the face of the earth. They are no better than Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao or Stalin in their extremist, violent hateful views.

  9. The corrupt and violent left, they are the pigs of “Animal Farm”. Everyone is equal, but they are so much more so.

  10. nueone says:

    America has become Sodom & Gomorrah…. and Judgment WILL COME.

  11. “Having a free press is absolutely required for a free society. I will not tolerate attempts to silence a newspaper,” Scholl said.”

    Not according to President Trump. Is this guy Scholl a Trump hating liberal or what?

  12. Brad Percell says:

    Personally, I’d really like to see a kind of whitish, left-handed, brownish-Blondie haired, bluish-greenish eyed, taller than average, arthritic, intellectually-impaired, freckeled, non-biased, still living sort of annual celebration.

    Why the neck not?

    We’re just as deserving as anyone e!se.

  13. Not everyone likes LGBTxxx. It is not the end of the world if a politician says that. They are acting like it is because it threatens their power in CA.

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