By Lemor Abrams

SACRAMENTO (CBS13)- A massive chunk of concrete chipped off Interstate 5 in Sacramento during the Wednesday morning commute, sending gravel flying into trucks and cars.

The debris affected drivers heading northbound toward Richards Blvd and hit windshields, bumpers, and even caused a few flat tires.

Vicki Blake was just trying to get to the gym.

She tried to swerve but couldn’t avoid what was about to hit her.

“I went to change lanes to get out of way… next thing I knew, something giant was in my windshield… shattering it,” she said.

Mark Dinger is a spokesman for Caltrans.

“It’s really indicative of the wear and tear this sedition of road experiences daily,” said Dinger.

Dinger says officials have been watching I-5 for years.

“We’ve been putting band-aids just like this morning what it really needs is surgery,” he said.

And that’s exactly what Caltrans plans to do with new gas tax revenue, paid for by taxpayers.

As early as this fall, Caltrans plans to repave 12 miles of the deteriorating interstate from Laguna Blvd. in Elk Grove to the American River Bridge in Downtown.

Part of I-5 went through a huge renovation project back in 2008, but the stretch that was damaged Wednesday morning wasn’t part of it.

Caltrans promises to get to it in the next round of repairs.

As for the hole from the morning commute, crews put a temporary patch on it. They said they’ll add a more permanent patch Wednesday evening.