By Angela Greenwood

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Trump supporter claims he was attacked by the lead singer of a punk rock band when he jeered the frontman’s political statements.

Tim Hildebrand of Galt says the attack happened at a Social Distortion concert at the Ace of Spades in Midtown. Hildebrand says he grew up listening to the band’s music and was excited to attend one of their shows, but never thought he’d leave bloody and bruised at the hands of a famous musician.

Cellphone video taken at the concert captures the moment the Social Distortion fan says he was beaten up by the band’s frontman, 56-year-old Mike Ness.

Click here to watch footage of the incident.

“I wasn’t able to defend myself because people in the crowd were holding me back,” he said.

Hildebrand says he the singer gave him two black eyes, a busted lip, a concussion and almost knocked out one of his teeth. The chaos broke out at a concert on July 17, but before things turned physical, Hildebrand says the show turned political.

“I pretty much said I paid for your music, not your politics.”

Hildebrand says the singer started badmouthing President Trump and America and the Republican farmer from Galt didn’t like it.

“I stood pretty much with my silent protest with my middle finger up for the next two songs.”

Ness didn’t like that and in the video, you can see him motion Hildebrand to the stage, where the singer spits in his face. Hildebrand says the two were yelling at each other when Ness lunged toward him.

“Takes his guitar off, jumps off the stage and proceeds to punch me multiple times in the head.”

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Hildebrand says he was dragged out of the venue by security and filed a police report with officers who were standing outside. He plans to press charges.

“Someone that has the status that he does shouldn’t get away with assaulting someone.”

“It was a little bit excessive,” said Social Distortion fan James Mauldin.

Mauldin says while Ness acted unprofessionally, music fans should understand controversy is part of the punk rock culture.

“If you’re that into politics, don’t put yourself in a situation where it could become a problem for you,” said Mauldin.

Attacked in the middle of a show by the very person he paid to see. Hildebrand now wants the popular punk rock singer to pay for his actions.

“If he wants to have a talk someday, man to man, I would love that but he would have to not be a child about it.”

Sacramento Police say they are aware of the incident and say it is under investigation. CBS13 reached out to the band’s manager who said the band has no comment.

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  1. John Halter says:

    Pretty tough guy(NOT). Needs the crowd to hold the guy while he wails on him. Typical lefty. Just like the lynchers of old. Suck it commie dirt bags!

  2. Patti Murphy says:

    Sad very sad. A citizens arrest should have been made on the spot. Sad very sad if someone hates America so badly they should leave our county, instead of spreading so much hate.
    God bless America

  3. John Gilles says:

    Mr. Whiney McWhinerton, would you like some cheese with that whine?

  4. Angela Rose says:

    I didn’t think it was possible for me to like Social D and Mike Ness more. I have been proven wrong. Hell yeah! F Trump!!!!

    1. You are drinking Kool-Aid. Such mob mentality of beating someone up while being held back is dangerous. Both folks should have been able to speak or display (finger up) their views. This was not a political rally. This was a concert. Everyone is seeing violence growing on the left side and the fallout of the idiocy of not being able to go to the table and hash differences out there. Resistance and obstruction of this administration has accomplished nothing. I think you would be concerned with loss of freedom of expression.

      1. Kevin Barbieux says:

        What utter horse hocky. The political right is unreasonable, illogical, and proud of it. The left has been trying to talk to the political right for so many years, but the right sticks it’s fingers in it’s ears and screams. LALALALLALALALALA. The left has learned that there is no longer any point in attempting to come to the table with the right. The fact that the Right chose Trump to be president is clear indication that the right is clearly lacking the moral and intellectual capacity to reason or be reasonable.

    2. Nathaniel Sloan says:

      Not true you and Kevin Barbieux. We’ve compromised plenty, especially on gun control. It was the left who endangered our children with their policies, endangered public safety, endangered freedom, and continue to do so. Moral and intellectual reasoning? Hah! Says the left who calls us science deniers on climate control but denies science when it comes to abortion and LGBT issues.

  5. Wm Gebrosky says:

    It’s stuped for an entertainer to attack one of his fans. Now he should pay. Pay enough so he’ll never forget it. The fan was right. He paid for music not his political hatred. So fork over the millions.

  6. Linda Billings says:

    Mike Ness can and should be prosecuted for assault. There is NO EXCUSE and no dismissing his conduct. Juvenile POS. Playground bully with an IQ to match. Of course he’s a punk rocker – how appropriately fitting.

  7. Susan Buckner says:

    You went to a Social Distortion concert and didn’t know what their politics were before you went? You went to a punk rock concert and didn’t know punk rock musicians and fans were left wing since forever?

    Nobody should feel sad for you, dude.

  8. Amanda Sorange says:

    You went to his punk show, …on his stage. His crowd. You didn’t care for his politics…..(at a punk show….gimmie a break, ). You stood flipping him off for two songs and yelling at him. Then…..he gave you back the attention you wanted . LOL.
    You paid to be there bruh???? Kindly remember to tip your bartender as the carry your dumb drunk ass out on a stretcher. This mook is completely full of it.

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