By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Heinous allegations of extortion are coming to light in the tragic 2017 death of Yuba College student Aly Yeoman.

The FBI arrested 23-year-old Rozarri Young for interstate transmission of a threat to injure and with the intent to extort and interstate transmission of a threat to injure.

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Federal court documents show Young sent Yeoman’s mother Paula Ede ransom messages through texts and a Facebook account she set up under the name Facia Quinn, in the first days after Yeoman’s disappearance began receiving coverage from media.

Court documents show one message reading:

“You want to see her again pay me or she’s dead. She owes me money for stealing my dope.”

And another:

“You go to law enforcement, I’ll know. So you want you pretty little princess back then coperate (sic).”

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Court documents show more heartbreaking exchanges between Young and Yeoman’s mother on Facebook, including Ede pleading for a phone call:

“Can she call me? Aly, my daughter, needs to call me.”

The FBI says they have determined Young had no role in Youman’s disappearance and no knowledge of her location.

Young is also alleged to have contacted the parent of Lashaya Stine, who was reported missing in 2016 in Aurora, Colorado. During the communication, Young allegedly indicated that Stine owed her money and Stine was being held until payment was made.

Young is due in Federal Court on Monday.


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