STOCKTON (CBS13) – Kelsey Turner, a 25-year-old who posed for Playboy, was arrested in Stockton in connection to the murder of a California doctor whose body was found in the trunk of a car abandoned in the desert near Las Vegas.

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Dr. Thomas Burchard, 71, was a psychiatrist who worked in the Monterey area. His body was found on March 7 in an abandoned car on Nevada State Route 147; he had been bludgeoned to death, authorities said.

Kelsey Turner’s booking photo. (Credit: Las Vegas Metro Police)

Thursday, the Las Vegas Municipal Police Department tweeted that 25-year-old Kelsey Turner had been arrested after an investigation by homicide detectives. Turner appeared in Playboy Italy in 2017.

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Turner was arrested on March 21 along the 1200 block of E. Weber Avenue in Stockton with the help of the FBI Stockton Task Force.

Stockton police said Turner was with her four-year-old child at the time of her arrest.

It’s unclear why Turner was in Stockton.

Turner had posed for racy magazines – including Playboy Italia and Maxim. She posed for Playboy Italia in May 2017.

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    I suddenly identify as a woman, will plead guilty to anything, and want to share her jail cell.

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      sounds like a plan … and a great plan at that ….

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    It gets real for these girls when the sugar daddy
    stops the money.

  3. Saw this on Drudge. Went to for more real California news.

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      TY. Went to the link, confirmed my feelings about Cali. I live in a northern state but listen to KFI on Iheart, also makes me glad I’m not there.

  4. moron’s cant even get the title right on the drudgreport

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    MK Ultra gone wrong?

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