By Shirin Rajaee

UPDATE July 2: 11:45 am: Toddler identified by woman Detectives believe is her mother

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Sacramento County Sheriff’s office is looking for help identifying a young child that was taken to a South Sacramento fire station on June 30.

Sheriff’s spokesperson Tess Deterding said a citizen brought Jane Doe, who appears to be no more than two years old, to a fire station after an unknown Hispanic female left the toddler with the citizen.

It was around midnight when a man came up to the doors at the fire station 57 in South Sacramento and dropped off the little girl, who appeared to be unharmed.

Jane Doe (credit: Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office)

“When we first brought her in. She was upset. You can tell she was uncomfortable with her surroundings. Lots of crying. Crying for mama. We did the best we could to comfort her,” said fire captain Greg Murdock.

The man she was left with told authorities he was in the Walmart parking lot on Florin Road when a frantic crying woman approached him, said she was being chased, then jumped in his car with the toddler.

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They apparently drove around for a while until the woman jumped out and left the little girl in the car.

“He seemed concerned with having this child, did not know this child,” Murdock said. “He was trying to do the right thing, drove to another firehouse, they weren’t there, so he came to us.”

California’s safe surrender law allows newborns to be safely surrendered within 72-hours, no questioned asked, but not children. So, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department was alerted and deputies questioned the man.

Firefighters at station 57 cared for this girl until she was taken into protective custody.

“They went into daddy mode. Took care of the child — all pretty upset — held it together for the sake of the child,” Murdock said.

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A lot of unanswered questions remain surrounding this child. Authorities say the woman jumped into another car with two other people.

CPS has placed the girl into protective custody, and officials said even if they do find the mother of this child, it doesn’t mean there will be a happy reunion. CPS still wants to know what happened and why this child was abandoned.

Detectives are asking anyone with information about the identity of Jane DOE to please contact the Sheriff’s Office at (916) 874-5115 or Sacramento Valley Crime Stoppers at (916) 443-HELP. Tip information may also be left anonymously at or by calling (916) 874-TIPS (8477).

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  1. Cathy Heyworth Harris says:

    In this day and age, the City Council needs to change the law to include children.

  2. Diana Callon-Smith says:

    At least they left her instead of killing her like so many parents wind up doing now adays, or maybe the parent was afraid for the child’s safety. It should be allowed for any child

  3. Casey Nunez says:

    Being its California good chance she was used as a mule by illegal adults as the walk free card and once they made it into the country they did not need her anymore. this is becoming very common lately. I am hearing just 5 years ago for every 50 illegals entering there was 1 child today there are 25 kids per 50 adults.she is lucky she was dropped at a safe place and not sold into the sex market raped or killed.

    1. Rayne Saltair says:

      Exactly where my mind went the minute they said abandoned. Guessing the guy who dropped her off didn’t get a good look at this woman, the 2 men she eventually left with, or their car?

  4. Karen Snow says:

    I would love to take her .. give her a good home.. :/ Always wanted a daughter!

  5. Deborah Lynn says:

    I don’t know her or her name. But I’ll adopt her and give her a beautiful name and a very loving home.

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