by Rob Malcolm

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A coyote feasting on a house cat at H Street and 44th in East Sacramento. It’s alarming, but not unusual, according to Jace Huggins with Sacramento Animal Control.

“Mating season was early on in the year and pups are starting to grow up, venture out, and you’re going to see more juvenile coyotes out right now. And also, moms and dads making sure they can bring food back,” Jace said.

Coyotes aren’t new to urban areas. A neighbor posted a picture of a juvenile roaming the campus of Sacramento State just last week.

“Something has been getting my cat. She’s gotten three wounds lately. I thought it was a raccoon,” said Katina Bostanzoglou.

The animals are active now 24/7, looking for food, and house pets are perfect.

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“With the young coyotes coming in right now, we’re seeing that they’ve found a food source. They have been consistent and easy and unfortunately, that is pet cats,” Huggins said.

Getting rid of the unwelcome visitors requires homeowners to create an unwelcome environment.

“Having an empty soda can and putting a bunch of pennies in it with tape over top. When you see them you shake it really loud, it scares them off,” Huggins said.

The city, along with the Front Street Shelter is rolling out an education campaign to inform the public on how to protect pets. The best advice is to keep a close eye on your pets and keep them indoors if possible.


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