By Rachel Wulff

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The giant penis mural on the side of the Court Plaza Building at 9th Avenue and H Street is covered, but some people still have strong opinions over what was there for several minutes on Monday.

“Obviously it’s not appropriate, but I think it’s hilarious,” Larry Pilgrim said.

“For one, it’s inappropriate,” John Bray said. “What if some kids came by. I have a daughter myself. I wouldn’t want her to see that.”

Some considered the mural to be vandalism.

“(It’s) definitely vandalism. It doesn’t complement the look of the city at all. It doesn’t make us look at any better,” Abel Sayed said.

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“It doesn’t shine a good light on our city that I believe we should have something,” Bray said. “I feel as if that is something a kid would do at their high school and they would be in trouble.”

The side of the building is a site for one of the Wide Open Walls mural locations. The artist designated to paint their artwork at the location was Axel Void.

CBS13 also approached the artist tried to talk on Tuesday but, he did not want to comment. Despite the differing opinions on whether the stunt was fun, CBS13 wanted to know if it can be considered vandalism.

We did some digging and found out that it isn’t being considered a crime. Because, according to police, there technically isn’t a victim.

Sacramento Police told CBS13, in this case, the property owner would have to come forward and report it as vandalism. But that never happened.

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We called the building owners several times to find out if they considered the lewd picture vandalism. They told us they have no comment on the matter. We also reached out to the founder of the Wide Open Walls. On Monday, he said he was sorry for offending anyone but that it was just a joke.

On Tuesday, he declined to comment any further on the situation. Although, some people are content with the organizer’s response.

“They handled it timely. Somebody climbing up there and being a jack ass,” Todd Bailey said. “I doubt the Wide Open Walls people are sanctioning big penises being painted on the side of the buildings.”


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