By Ryan Hill

WHEATLAND (CBS13) — The city of Wheatland is breathing a sigh of relief for clear skies on Tuesday after a certain buzz was removed from the air.

“We saw other people running to the store that around the corner here just to try to keep from the mosquitoes getting to them,” Lucy Ray said.

Some people found different ways to get rid of the bugs.

“The towel like that! Like that!” Saven Hang said excitedly as she was demonstrated swatting mosquitoes.

Jasmine Pedraza said the pesky bugs are littered on her porch after they tried feasting on her and her kids.

“That was the main priority for them to try to not get bit, so they didn’t get any infection or West Nile,” Pedraza said.

The Sutter Yuba Mosquito and Vector Control District said an irrigation north of Wheatland has caused a large hatch of mosquitoes impacting the town. District staff has worked through the weekend with wide-area truck fogging in and around Wheatland to reduce mosquito numbers.

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“I think we have started to make an impact there in Wheatland. We had some reports that numbers were looking better. But, yeah, it was pretty bad,” Steve Abshier, manager of Sutter Yuba Mosquito and Vector Control District, said.

The district also plans to use a plane Tuesday night to airdrop pesticides in Wheatland to get rid of the mosquitoes.

“I’m relieved to know that was the issue and we aren’t going to be dealing with this for forever,” Ray said.

CBS13 asked Abshier if there are there health concerns with the chemicals used during fogging. He said no, due to the low rate at which the chemicals are sprayed for fogging.

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“For some of them, they’re in the 0.3 ounces per acre range, others up to maybe one ounce an acre,” Abshier said, “So that one ounce of product going on something a little larger than an NFL football field, so it’s very low.”

Abshier said the issues that could arise with fogging are respiratory issues for those with allergies. Some Wheatfield neighbors say they are just glad the cloud of mosquitoes is clearing.

“I’m breathing a huge sigh of relief because it’s miserable when you can’t go outside,” Ray said.

Abshier and the Mosquito and Vector Control District are reminding people to wear long sleeves, remove standing water and wear bug spray, especially with more mosquitoes out.


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