SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Californians will have to keep changing their clocks for daylight saving time, for now.

Assemblyman Kansen Chu is dropping his bid that would have permanently sprung California forward. Chu championed Assembly Bill 7, which would have forever set the state’s standard time to year-round daylight saving time.

AB 7 came after the passage of Prop 7 in November 2018, where nearly 60 percent of voters agreed that they don’t want to keep changing the clocks twice a year.

Chu tweeted that AB 7 isn’t dead, however.

“My main goal will always be to stop the practice of switching back and forth, and I am dedicated to make this a reality,” Chu wrote “As this is an issue that impacts all Californians, I want to take the next few months to ask my constituents their thoughts on permanent daylight saving time vs. permanent standard time.”

The assembly member said the legislation will be moving forward come January.

“It’s important to me that my constituents are heard and putting a pause on moving the bill will give me the opportunity to do more outreach,” Chu tweeted.

Even if the bill is passed, California’s change to permanent daylight saving time would need to be authorized by the federal government.

Daylight saving time started on March 10 this year. It ends on Nov. 3, where people will have to set their clocks back an hour. The next daylight saving time period starts on March 8, 2020 and lasts until Nov. 1.

Alaska, Arizona and Hawaii are the only states that don’t observe daylight saving time.

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  1. Cali Resident says:

    We need to go to one time but should be year-round standard time, not daylight savings. Otherwise it will be so dark for so long on winter mornings for workers and students driving/walking/taking transit. Having a bit lighter in the winter in the evening won’t help … when it is colder, people will just want to get home. They aren’t going to go out and about. While it might not stay quite as light as long in summer, it gets to the point it is still light after 9:00 p.m.

  2. al pappalardo says:

    The proposition already passed for year-round daylight savings time. This does not have to be re-visited. Your constituents don’t need to be asked again. Voters approved the proposition (60% in favor).

  3. orangak says:

    Kansen, The Citizens of California have already spoken. We voted to establish year round daylight saving time in 2018. All the feedback you need is right there! It passed unanimously! Please get back to enacting year round daylight savings.

  4. Barry A. says:

    YES…WHAT IS THE WAIT FOR?? This is absurd this has gone on as long as it has…..keep it light out later year round already! ….. People drive worse in the dark / at night….so during the 5:00pm rush traffic is EVEN WORSE ..causing worse pollution… eating up gas etc…etc…having people get home even more bent out of shape from traffic than usual…and having to drive around at night to pick up food etc…. Quit dragging your feet please..

  5. Lee says:

    Shouldn’t Indiana be included in the list that does not observe the time change?

  6. Trudie says:

    When I voted for not changing the clock, I did not realize I was voting to keep “daylight savings time”. I thought it was talking about “standard time”. I believe the ballot was unclear and possibly misleading on that issue. I would rather continue changing the clock than to be stuck with daylight savings time for the rest of my life.

  7. Joann Falcetti says:

    We voted to keep Daylight Savings Time year round, Why can we not have it year round if we all voted for it?????

  8. Joann says:

    Voted to Keep Daylight Savings Time year round & it passed

  9. Jeff says:

    We live on the SUNSET Coast. Who wants to miss Sunsets every single workday?! Dark in the morning doesn’t matter, let’s stay on Daylight Savings Time!

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