By Steve Large

EL DORADO COUNTY (CBS13) — The massive PG&E Public Safety Power Shutdown is forcing dozens of schools to cancel classes in El Dorado County.

El Dorado Union High School District sent out school closure alerts to parents through email and cell phones on Tuesday evening.

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Oak Ridge parent Heather Cadger read aloud the message she received.

“The large portions of the power grid serving the district will be shut down impacting all of our schools,” Cadger said.

Cadger received the alert just before pick-up at her son’s football practice.

“I don’t understand why PG&E is doing it,” Cadger said. “It doesn’t make sense.”

Frustrated by the utility’s Public Safety Power Shutoff, Cadger is now forced to find other plans for her teen son. The power shutoff put thousands of El Dorado County parents in a similar position.

“I’ll likely be working, and I’ll have to figure out, maybe relying on my friends,” parent Cynthia Mendonza said.

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“Well, I’m probably going to have a house full of kids because I’m a stay at home mom,” Beth McGregor said.

El Dorado Union High School District’s Superintendent Dr. Ron Carruth says he made the decision to close his schools as quickly as he could after PG&E confirmed the massive power shutdown.

“Early communication to our families is critical,” Carruth said. “Number one, our technology infrastructure, our ability to feed students if the power goes down, just simply aren’t present.”

For students, the power shutdown means more shut-eye and no early morning classes.

“Well yeah, we were definitely hoping for school to be canceled in mean it’s kind of every teenager’s dream, not to go to school,” Oak Ridge student Leah McGregor said.

For parents, the closures are creating problems.

“I’m hoping that this is not a pattern, in the future,” Beth McGregor said.

“Now they’re gonna have to make up the day,” Heather Cadger said.

No PG&E power, no school. Is it the new normal in California’s fight against extreme fire danger?

Schools will be letting parents know by 8 p.m. Wednesday if the closures will be extended another day.


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