NEWMAN (CBS13) — Five people were arrested in Newman after law enforcement officials on a compliance check discovered eight children and a Vietnam veteran unable to care for himself living in a feces-filled home.

Victoria Davis, 58, Ronny Soares, 46, Johnny Davis, 39, Teddy Davis, 40, and Holly Davis, 36, were arrested on November 9 on suspicion of child and elder abuse.

Swipe left for photos of four of the five arrested.

A compliance check was conducted at 1152 Q St. in Newman where a total of 14 people and four dogs were living in the home.

The compliance check was part of a multi-agency probation sweep.

The sheriff’s office said they observed 8 children between the ages of three months and 16 years covered in filth and feces, both wet and dry. One kid was seen eating ice cream covered in flies, officials said. Wet and dry feces was also discovered ground into a bed the kids were sleeping on.

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Stanislaus deputies said the kids’ playroom had a water hose on the floor next to “numerous electrical cords that were supplying water and electricity to different parts of the house.”

Trash, moldy food and several used diapers were located around the home.

Child Protective Services removed all eight children from the home.

A 72-year-old Vietnam veteran who was unable to care for himself was found covered in feces and taken to the hospital for medical aid.


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