By Kurtis Ming

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — After spending a day with her family at the Roseville Galleria, Kathy Jennings got quite a shock when she went to get her car. The valet told her someone else already had picked it up, but Jennings still had her claim ticket.

“My keys and my car were given away,” Jennings said. “Somebody gave my car away! The valet just looked at me like, ‘uh-oh.'”

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Police discovered her trashed car a week later in a North Sacramento alley. Jennings said her camera, sunglasses, headphones and garage door opener all were stolen. Insurance photos showed the car scratched, filled with litter, the license plates removed, and a tire replaced with the spare.

“I think that they were joyriding and off-roading with it,” she said.

But that wasn’t all. Jennings’ house keys were also on the key ring the valet gave away. Her address was in the car on the registration papers. Jennings said a few days later, her kids scared away someone using a key to get into her house through the front door.

“I completely feel violated,” Jennings said.

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Jennings’ auto insurance covered more than $6,200 in damage to her car. Neumann Valet said it would cover costs to rekey her house and car, get new license plates and to reprogram the garage door opener. But Jennings said they refused to cover the stolen items she says are worth $1,600.

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“That’s unheard of,” said consumer attorney Stuart Talley.

Talley called the situation “absurd.” He said Jennings should be reimbursed every penny she’s out.

“I think if a valet company actually gives your car away to a thief, they are going to be on the hook for all damages, including everything that’s in that car.”

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CBS13 reached out to John Neumann, the valet company owner.  He said, “I don’t need to defend myself. I’ve been in business 26 years.”

The Roseville Galleria suggested we contact the valet company, but would not comment further.

Jennings plans to sue Neumann Valet in small claims court. She’s asking to get reimbursed for all costs including lost wages stemming from missed workdays. And, she said, she’ll be doing things differently at the mall.

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“I’m not gonna be doing valet parking anymore,” Jennings said.