by Rob Malcolm

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — For the eleventh year in a row volunteers with The Bright Russian Baptist Church have set up shop in West Sacramento selling Christmas trees rain or shine.

Supervisor Misha Markov doesn’t mind.

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“Rain doesn’t really stop us. We have a great crew, we have great guys working, everybody’s enjoying themselves,” he said.

Misha said it’s great to put the trees on rooftops because as he says, “People don’t really care about their cars, they care about Christmas.”

But people may care about this: According to Misha, if you buy a tree in the rain, you may want to wait sometime before setting it up. He’s heard of disasters that can ruin any Christmas.

“After you set up the Christmas tree in the stand, you screw the balls in there, most likely it’s going to fall and all your ornaments will fall too,” Misha warned.

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To avoid all this, Misha’s offered simple advice.

“Put it in the garage [and] let it dry a little bit before you bring it inside the house,” he said.

Apparently screws or anchors don’t go well into rain-soaked trunks.

Andy Barrios was buying a tree for her family on Tuesday evening. She was surprised by that information.

“I did not know,“ said Barrios. “But you learn something new every day. I think now I’m going to put it in the garage.”

The Barrios family was set and left the tree farm with new-found tree knowledge.

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The folks at Bright Russian Baptist Church say that’s the gift that keeps on giving and you better hurry to visit them in West Sacramento because they only set up for three weeks.