MOUNTAIN HOUSE (CBS13) — Deputies arrested a man accused of taking more than 100 pieces of mail in Mountain House.

According to the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office, deputies pulled over Jeremy Richard early Friday morning and found two large bags containing mail inside his vehicle. The deputies also located burglary tools and handmade keys that fit into commonly-used mailboxes.

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So far, investigators have identified at least 20 victims.

Richard arrested for possessing burglary tools and the theft or possession of personal identifying information.

The sheriff’s office recommends people pick up their mail frequently to reduce the risk of mail theft.

  1. mandyfard says:

    My mail was stolen in Bakersfield. It was a hassle. It was the rent for the office of Luckily the rent was being mailed in form of USPS money order. We had to contact USPS and supply copies of everything. After all due processes, we were refunded the money. But I think we were lucky because our loss was a USPS money order and easily refundable. The time and effort we put into getting the money back, was a total waste of time. I hope there will be a solution to mail theft soon.

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