By Ryan Hill

ELK GROVE (CBS13) – A Ring camera at an Elk Grove home on Soaring Oaks Drive captured the horrifying moments a pit bull attacked a woman’s goldendoodle.

“As we were rounding the corner on to her driveway, the dog attacked my dog,” Molly, the goldendoodle’s owner, said.

Molly, who didn’t want to go on camera nor have her last name released, was on a bike ride to her friend’s house with her 4-year-old dog Maggie in tow on Sunday afternoon. She says a pit bull suddenly came out of nowhere and attacked Maggie.

“My friend opened her door and we were trying to get my dog in,” Molly, said. “And then we realized that the pit bull was coming in too.”

The footage of the attack shows the pit bull with Maggie’s bloody leg clenched in its jaws; shaking her back and forth in the doorway.

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“She got a gym weight and she clonked the pit bull on the head a few times and it let go,” Molly said.

Molly rushed Maggie to the vet who then underwent surgery.

“They weren’t sure if she would lose her leg or not,” Molly said. “She still has her leg and she’s in the house and she’s healing. But they’re still concerned about her leg.”

As Molly waited for news on Maggie’s condition, she posted to social media hoping to find out who owned the other dog.

All the while, Elk Grove Animal Service was doing its own search for the pit bull’s owner. The manager told CBS13 they were able to track the owner down.

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“We are moving forward with deeming the dog dangerous which is a legal process,” Sarah Humlie, Elk Grove Animal Services manager said. “And it means that the owner’s going to be responsible for keeping the dog much better contained.”

Maggie is now on the mend but Molly is still shaken up about the attack.

“And you never know what’s going to happen. It’s really scary. There’s a lot of dogs around here,” Molly said.

Elk Grove Animal Services said it’s unsure if any other fines will be issued towards the other dog’s owner at this time.

  1. They don’t put the damn dog down after that? These dogs don’t have civil rights. One and done.

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