By Renée Santos

CARMICHAEL (CBS13) — A Carmichael man calls it “an adult lifestyle club” but his neighbors call it a major nuisance.

“I hear people talking about it’s for sex,” said Cornelia Cata, who lives next door.

“What we are is a lifestyle club,” said Rey Bonilla owner of Poly Urban Studios.

Two years ago, Bonilla tried to operate Poly Urban studios from a building in Del Paso Heights but was shut down for operating an adult business without a license.

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He tells CBS13 since then, he’s been hosting what he says are parties at his Carmichael home where adults meet up for consensual acts.

“I’ve been having parties for the last 20 plus years,” he said.

A quick glance at the group’s website shows amenities like a hot tub and sex sling. CBS13 went straight to Sacramento County officials to see if what is allegedly happening at the home is even legal.

Below is a statement from the County of Sacramento:

“Poly Urban Studios relocated from a previous location. They were cited for operating an adult business without a license but they have since removed all the commercial aspects from the site: Membership fees, room rentals, entry fees, etc. It is not against the law for consenting adults to gather for consensual acts, and that violation was removed.

The case is still open because other issues (yard parking, junk, storage of inoperable/unregistered vehicles) need to be corrected. Once these violations are corrected, the case can be closed.

If neighbors believe they see violations of county zoning and code enforcement regulations, they are advised to call 311 and make a report.”

Still what is happening is causing stress for Madeline Cata who says she has had people mistakenly show up to where she lives next door.

“There’s people coming at 12 o’clock midnight, at 1, banging on the door… they literally walk up and down the driveway like it’s their house and they want to get in,” she said

Shelby Mannion is just as concerned.

“It’s frustrating the cars have been like parked in front it happens from like the middle of the street all the way down past the stop sign. Lots of children, so I just really want to make sure this is safe area children as well,” she said.

  1. Bill G says:

    This place is a sex club for gay and bi men. It is 100% wrong that it is in a neighborhood and that people who live near there are being affected by it. I know for a fact that they charge for entry and the city should shut them down! This man who owns this place has run numerous other similar places and none have been legally operated. I am all for consenting adults having a place to go. Straight people have swinger’s clubs and they are all over the place but they are not disturbing homeowners or having them in a house. This place is a dump that should be shut down. If the neighbors were smart and wanted to end it, take a week off of work and start video recording all the men who enter along with their car license plates when they park. Most men who go during the day are married so they would likely never go back. At least that would keep it from going on all the time. I would never let this stuff happen in my neighborhood!

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