SUTTER COUNTY (CBS13) — Gun stores have become a topic of debate since the coronavirus outbreak in California as some questioned if they should be considered essential businesses.

Governor Gavin Newsom deferred the responsibility of closing gun shops to local sheriff’s offices.

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“I believe peoples right to bear arms and I believe that people exercising that right but I’ll defer to the sheriff in this instance,” Newsom said during a press conference on Wednesday.

On Thursday, the Sutter County Sheriff Brandon Barnes sent out a message to his community classifying gun stores essential.

In a letter to Sutter County residents put out on Facebook, Barnes said his decision is supported by Yuba City Police Chief Rob Landon.

“It is my belief gun stores fall within the 16 different listed critical infrastructures under the “Commerical Facilities Sector.” Additionally, the gun stores in Sutter County provide other necessary recreational and agricultural services to the community. Gun stores are also essential to supporting local law enforcement in carrying out their mission of public safety,” Barnes wrote.

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Both the Sacramento and Placer County Sheriff’s Offices are deferring the responsibility to the local public health departments when it comes to gun stores in their counties.


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