By Ryan Hill

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Zaria Stevenson and her sister Kahleese have found something new to do now that they have a lot of extra time on their hands.

Kahleese and Zaria Stevenson started the nonprofit Connect Invisible Hands to help deliver groceries to vulnerable populations during the coronavirus outbreak.

They’re putting their hearts of gold to good use by starting a nonprofit called Connect Invisible Hands.

The goal is to pick up and deliver groceries to seniors and those most vulnerable to the coronavirus who are sheltering in place. The Stevenson’s have been using money they have saved and donations to purchase these delivery requests.

“[We’re] helping older people when they need stuff and just anybody in general that needs stuff that they can’t do,” Kahleese Stevenson said.

“We all have grandparents or someone in the family that if they were in these shoes, we would want someone like us to be able to do this as well,” Zaria Stevenson said.

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They’re not alone in their hunt for groceries. Friends and family like Dupri Stewart are also lending a helping hand.

“A lot of smiles. A lot of smiles. They were pretty happy that they can call somebody to help them get their essential items for them,” Stewart said.

One of those smiling people is Jerry Scott. The 64-year-old said she lost her husband nine months ago and any help she can get goes a long way.

“Being on one check a month, you have to make everything stretch and it doesn’t always happen. So, I’m just grateful,” Scott said.

The sisters and their friends are all learning that timeless adage that giving is better than receiving.

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“We’re able to help someone. So we just do it for the benefits of them and for us,” Zaria Stevenson said.

“It makes me feel like we’re trying to get the world back together,” Kahleese Stevenson said.

If you’re interested in donating to Connect Invisible Hands or are in need of a delivery, you’re encouraged to call 916-928-2422.