SOUTH LAKE TAHOE (CBS13) — The city of South Lake Tahoe is warning tourists to stay away this Memorial Day Weekend.

The traditional start of summertime will look very different in a city that is typically packed with people celebrating the season.

The city’s police chief is putting it plainly: “Don’t come,” Interim Chief David Stevenson said.

“We really want people to enjoy their Memorial Day weekend at their home where they live, with their families, not in Tahoe this time, unfortunately,” Stevenson said.

The message comes as some South Lake Tahoe stores and restaurants have started to reopen as part of the coronavirus recovery. Amidst the reopening, a non-essential travel ban in California remains in place.

The city of South Lake Tahoe passed an ordinance in April allowing police to fine violators of the travel ban $1,000.

So far, they have issued only five citations in total — two to hotels, two to vacation home rentals, and one to a bar.

This Memorial Day weekend, police are reminding the public they could issue more violations, but education is their priority.

“The police department is not stopping cars, we are not asking people where they’re coming from,” Stevenson said.

This postcard-perfect place to say hello to summer. The message from South Lake Tahoe: stay away.

“If we had to enforce an order we could,” Chief Stevenson said.

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  1. manuel says:

    So much for a FREE COUNTRY. Like in Russia, ” PAPERS PLEASE”.

  2. Joe says:

    Businesses in South Lake Tahoe were more than happy to take my money last weekend without mention of any travel ban.

  3. chad johnson says:

    Yes, the Tahoe story doesn’t make much sense but what makes even less sense is why Steve is wearing a mask while standing outside by himself in the middle of the night reporting on this story. The anchors aren’t wearing masks and they’re inside near each other, so why is Steve wearing a mask? Is that just for show, like a required prop when you’re doing a stand up for a corona virus story?

  4. Gerald says:

    Will this ban continue through July_August. I have a vacation reservation. Should I cancel?

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