By Anna Giles

FAIRFIELD (CBS 13) — Solano County is under curfew and businesses are boarded up after violent looting Monday night.

But peaceful protestors are stepping up to change the narrative and show the community something different. Kneeling down with their fists held high, a group of peaceful protestors gathered in Cordelia Tuesday afternoon.

“We are here to speak our minds without having to have all the violence, all the rioting, all the looting,” said Organizer Bryce Smith.

But fears after violent looting Monday night left local businesses wary. Peaceful protestors were repeatedly turned away and told to leave by multiple places including shops at Solano Town Center.

“It’s unfortunate because when you turn away things like this, when people are gathering to speak their mind so we can further educate those people that may not have that education in the matters themselves, it just kind pushes everything back and resets the cycle,” Smith said.

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Smith condemns the looting and violence in Fairfield. The businesses broken into Monday night include Macy’s and Walmart. One group used a crane to bust into Best Buy in Solano Town Center.

“How do you get a crane in there, my goodness. If we put all that energy into something positive we could change the world,” said Ana Petero.

A salon that reopened for the first time Tuesday after the coronavirus shutdown, did so with broken windows.

“We’re just trying to get back to normal. And it’s constant little struggles like this that remind me we are far from normal,” said Calise Garrick, with At Generations Hair Salon.

During these difficult times, a brave push in Fairfield to change the narrative.


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