SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Lines formed early Thursday morning outside the new Costco Business Center in Sacramento.

The store on El Camino Avenue officially opened on Thursday.

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One of only 19 Costcos of its kind in the country, it caters specifically to businesses – providing larger selections of ingredients and supplies meant to be used by restaurants.

Still, the warehouse will be open to all members.

While the location will also offer larger selections of drinks, snacks and other foods, it is worth noting that this location won’t offer free samples like a traditional Costco.

  1. John says:

    I went there today and was very disappointed. According to the description I’d heard it was like a regular Costco that also catered to small business interests. But, it’s really for food service providers who buy large amounts for resale. The category of items is very limited. I will have to go to a regular Costco to get the things I want. There’s no hot food or free samples there either.

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