By Anna Giles

FOLSOM (CBS 13) — A Folsom daredevil was caught on camera jumping off the historic Folsom Truss Bridge and into the American River.

The jump is more than a 100-feet high. The drone camera that captured it all fell into the American River, and now a diver who found the camera wants to return it to the owner.

The video shows a birds-eye view that makes your heart pound. A man is seen climbing up the Truss Bridge, preparing to jump into the water below.

“I’ve seen the ending and it still makes me nervous every time I watch it,” said Mike Pelley, the diver who found the video.

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Jumping like this is illegal and highly dangerous, but the daredevil went for it anyway. Thankfully, he resurfaced.

“I was afraid I was about to watch a very tragic-ending video because I’ve never seen anybody jump from that high up,” Pelley said.

Pelley is the diver who uncovered this video at the bottom of the American River. It’s a hobby and passion of his to recover lost items in the American River and return them to their owners.

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He said the bridge jumping video he recovered shows an extremely dangerous act.

“I’m just trying to return the valuable. I’m not promoting what he’s doing in the picture or the video at all.” Pelley said.

Bridge jumping like this a problem for the Folsom Parks and Recreation Department every year. They patrol daily for potential thrill-seekers. Last year, a young man jumped from Rainbow Bridge and died.

It’s a long-time problem park rangers do their best to prevent, the video shows why. But they can’t keep all daredevils at bay.

Comments (3)
  1. LJ Laurent says:

    Interesting, CBS said they spotted another potential jumper while covering this.

    This must be a real issue for State Parks, given that an actual death would occur in American River.

    You’d think Folsom City Council would try to be far more pro-active in stopping regular jump attempts and bridge climbing. It would be the decent thing to do since this is a Folsom bridge.

  2. LJ Laurent says:

    Within SECONDS, Folsom Mayor Sarah Aquino wrote this outrageous response, ignoring better
    FENCING, forming volunteer patrols along river, assisting CA State Park Rangers, or consulting with city Police & fire. Who feels “safe” in Folsom?

    On Wednesday, August 12, 2020, 11:19:39 AM PDT, Sarah Aquino wrote:

    Unfortunately, we cannot save people from themselves.

    Sarah Aquino
    City of Folsom

  3. CW says:

    Good thing they put that blue bar there with the station logo. I almost saw what happened.

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