By Adrienne Moore

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — A new lawsuit claims a man’s Starbucks order left him disfigured.

Tommy Piluyev with his family

Tommy Piluyev was at a Roseville Starbucks in 2018 when he says the lid on his hot tea came loose and the drink spilled over his hands, stomach, thighs and genitals.

“It fell on the window sill and then came over on him,” attorney Whitney Davis said. “There’s third-degree burns on his fingers, second and third-degree burns on his pelvic area.”

The lawsuit says the then 22-year-old spent 11 days in the burn unit at UC Davis Medical Center. His injuries were so severe, according to Piluyev’s attorney, that intimacy is now painful and awkward, and he can no longer play the piano.

“The nerves have grown back and healed back and he learned to walk again. Because that took a while to learn how to walk again with those comprehensive injuries around that whole section of your body,” Davis said.

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The suit alleges negligence and product liability by Starbucks and Pactiv Packaging, which provides the cups and lids.

In a statement, Starbucks said, “We are currently evaluating the claim. Our partners take great pride in ensuring our beverages are crafted with care and delivered to customers safely. We take our responsibility to provide a safe environment seriously and will continue to do so.”

The 24-year-old’s attorney claims both Starbucks and Pactiv Packaging knew there was a problem with the lids, citing 80 complaints a day about defects from employees.

And with medical bills piling up, he says it’s a first step in preventing another drive-thru disaster after a simple run to Starbucks.

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“Burns are the most permanent, disfiguring aspect that will change a person’s life and how they look at themselves and how others look at them forever,” Davis said.

Piluyev’s attorney says his client still needs laser treatments and plastic surgery to repair the damage done by that hot tea.

Adrienne Moore

Comments (12)
  1. E Saronsen says:

    Starbuck’s coffee is way too hot too, I got tired of paying for coffee I had to dilute half with milk and quit going. I don’t know why they make it so HOT.

    1. Mike says:

      Maybe because it’s called “hot tea”?

      1. Samuel says:

        Einsteins coffee is much better than Starbucks. And the food is fresh made, not created in airline industry’s food factories like the sad excuse for food served by Starbucks.

        Starbucks and everyone else has super hot water, so that coffee is still hot after adding cold cream or milk.
        Play with fire, burn your finger, and pp.
        Don’t drink and drive.

  2. XYZ says:

    Oh man, just google “working at Starbucks complaints” and read the Business Insider article, the worst IMO was ” it’s just hard to tell the truth when you don’t know how they could retaliate.” Just read it – see how CEO Johnson lies through his teeth – his fancy inanities about core values. No one in their right minds goes there, supply chains they use are so sketchy. So sorry for this family.

  3. Joseph Joseph says:

    Another clown looking for a cash cow!

  4. G Norton says:

    “intimacy is now painful and awkward, and he can no longer play the piano”, same appendage?
    Just wondering

    1. ron says:

      I have the same problems – maybe I should sue starschmuck’s as well!!

  5. martin weiss says:

    Listening to this guy’s whining made me so angry that I slammed my fist on the table, which caused a pencil to fall off the table, into a rotating fan, which propelled the pencil into my eye and then my brain causing me irreparable harm. I guess I’ll have to sue this guy for 100 gazillion dollars to make me feel whole again.

  6. william d rice says:

    It sounds like the McDonald’s case a few decades ago. We learned about it during Torts in law school. McD’s coffee is purposely made scalding because the consumer takes it out to be drunk later. The lady burned had the cup in her lap and it opened. The lady suffered third and fourth degree burns on her vaginal lips (both sets). The tissue came off and she had to have painful reconstructive expensive surgeries. The lady asked for the profits from the coffee sales for one day and received a settlement 0f $7,000,000. It was later changed. How I am not sure.
    This gentleman deserves his medical bills paid and Starbuck’s needs to be held accountable…

  7. Badger Fishinski says:

    America is sue happy.

  8. geezer117 says:

    Cars have cup holders. Use them. Problem solved.

  9. buck rogers says:

    too lazy to use a keurig? buying a tea bag and boiling water is really difficult too. how starbucks stays in business i have no idea.

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